The syntax of many RP support commands is difficult to understand. This page is intended to be more detailed than online help and to include examples of common use-cases for each sphere.

This page is still far from complete, but an attempt at accuracy is made.


The basic syntax is as follows:

+roll dicePool vs target

where target is the integer quantity on the closed interval [1..10] that you must roll over on each die for a success and dicePool is a simple expression consisting of addition of character statistics (Attributes, Abilities etc.) and integers without internal spaces. To subtract rather than add an integer, instead add the additive inverse (negative) of the integer.

Good: +roll strength+athletics vs 6
Bad: +roll strength + athletics vs 6
Good: +roll strength+athletics+-2 vs 6
Bad: +roll strength+athletics-2 vs 6

For example, to determine 'Initative' you would enter

+roll wits+alertness vs 4

Common Rolls

These rolls get used frequently. Please add those you run across as well.

Rolling for Command
Initiative +roll wits+alertness vs 4
Sneaking +roll dexterity+stealth vs sum of opponent's perception+alertness
Awareness (mage) +roll perception+awareness vs 6


The 'places' code is somewhat problematic, with incorrect commands likely to create exceptional program states. Thankfully, when empty, a room resets itself to a sane state, so the breakage doesn't remain.


Issued alone, this command lists the places in the current room, and the people occupying it.
join at #number
This command is very persnickety in form. The # is not optional, nor will the command accept spaces between the # and the number. For example: join at #1
join with name
If someone is already seated, using this command with that person's name will seat you at the place name is occupying.


To be added.


It is what you get when you don't get what you want. Use +request to spend experience points. To check how many you have, enter the +xp command. To help give xp to others, use +vote name.


For the in-game documentation, enter help @mail. Some of this information is incorrect, but until the opportunity presents itself to test the whole system, differences between specification & operation will be noted and added here.

  • To mark all mail in your mailbox for deletion, enter “@mail/clear” (the docs say “@mail/clear all” which fails.)
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