Name: Catullus

Position: ADM: General Plotting, Chargen, and Shifters

General information:

I do most chargen and Xp Spends, with Silverstein as back up. I also do general plotting and mischief making. If my staffbit is on, it's cool to page.

I know nothing about building or code. Do not ask me building or code questions.

As of now, I'm willing to do Awakenings and Seekings up to Disciple level. If you are aiming for Adept or master, I'm not comfortable running those yet, so it's best to ask other staff or players.

I will run anything shifter, and I do general plotting including mage and changeling specific stuff, but I don't do changeling politics or Chrysalises as I simply don't know enough.

If you aren't sure, ask.

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