Spice, Sugar and Puzzle

Sugar and Spice are the two ponies who Jonquil goes on adventures with. Puzzle is the donkey that sometimes accompanies them.

Background: Once upon a time there was a sidhe lord who had the finest stables in the world. He bred faerie horses from mortal stock for all the nobles and these were the finest in the land. Courtiers came from far and wide, just for the chance to ride one of the white steeds, which were renowned for being as beautiful as they were graceful, with shimmering manes and the ability to run as fast as the wind itself. Warriors would give anything for one of the fierce and powerful, midnight black warhorses to call their own.

Unfortunately, for all his skill with horses the Lord had no skill with commoners and was foolish enough enough to insult a pooka. The next spring all the Baron's horses gave birth to the ugliest ponies imaginable. He was horrified by the curse that had befallen his creatures, and ashamed of their hideousness. He would have had them all destroyed if not for more meddling from the pooka. He eventually found himself forced to apologise in order to preserve his reputation and everything he held dear, the specifics of which are not important.

Two of the ponies born as a result of the pooka prank were Sugar and Spice. As ponies go they weren't so much hit by the ugly stick as they fell out of the ugly tree and hit every single branch on the way down. They're both really smart though and very sturdy creatures. Whilst not incredibly fast they're tireless and capable of feats of great endurance, able to travel long distances and survive on the very minimum of food.

Sugar's the sweeter natured of the two. She thinks of her stomach first and will try to eat anything and everything. She likes people. She likes eating. She's always nosying at things in order to get something to munch on, or trying to wander off in search of new and more delicious yummies.

Spice is the smarter of the two and the more vicious.


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