Ryuuko is a chimerical winged serpent, body about a foot long with wing span to match, with only the vaguest “dragon-like” (or lizard-like) features at its head, specifically bony ridges over its eyes, a bit of a snoutish look to its nose and mouth, and with a couple little bumps on its head that may or may not one day become horns, they may also just stay bumps, who knows. His scales are a shiny golden color, a slightly lighter hue along his underside, and his wings are similar to gold foil in look and texture, typical long flight fingers with webbing look to the wings.

Rryuuko, identified as a hatchling male (by a Pooka, so who knows if it’s true), is a chimerical manifestation of a sun beam as seen through a child’s drawing, wherein the suns sometimes seem to have squiggly ray lines rather than straight ones. He is not technically a pet, as he doesn’t have much of an urge to learn tricks and his loyalty only goes so far. He does not provide any sort of security or magical benefits, honestly he’s about as beneficial as a stray cat that decided to camp out at the house. Currently he has easy access to abundant food, safety, and warmth, but is free to decide to wander off whenever he likes.

His hobbies include sleeping, eating, sun bathing, and murdering small toy monkeys, as well as forcing his two pet mages to give him attention the moment he wants it. His personal defense, aside from hard scales and teeth, and method of hunting food is a sort of “breath weapon”, however instead of fire or anything like that, it is sunlight. Currently the young chimera’s sun breath is only reasonable against very small prey, or for making small, vaguely tanned spots on tougher human skin. He tends to reside inside the house but manages to get outside often, his two favorite places to bed down within the house are the sock drawer in Simon’s bedroom, or the cat tree located in the living room, which has been made tall enough to keep puppies from getting in, and has a heating pad installed under a little blanket to provide extra warmth.

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