Nireus, Smarb and Officer 'Nana

Nireus is a 6' carrot plushie that Brams woke up with after a particularly good party. He's Poeth's fiance (according to Niran). He took off on a trip around the world and sent Niran postcards every week or so from various exotic locations from over a year. Now he's back home again, and in hiding at the Baron's. He's still just a stuffed toy, according to Jonquil. Niran would say otherwise. Nireus has a deep booming voice and a problematic relationship with Niran since Nireus knocked up Smarb. Or Brams. Niran is unclear on which. Either way there were carrot/bat hybrid plushies. This prompted Nireus' trip until the heat was off. Nireus is quite the lady's carrot.

Smarb is a black blanket with eyes stitched on. She is ostensibly Brams' opposite, but maybe not.

Officer 'Nana is a large banana in a police uniform which first appeared in one of Brams' dreams and then later arrived, in stuffed toy form, at Niran's Saining. Niran is… not pleased and made him go live at the Baron's too.

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