All along the western front people line up to receive. She got the power in her hand to shock you like you won't believe. Saw her in the amazon with the voltage running through her skin, standing there with nothing on she's gonna teach me how to swim. All along the eastern shore put your circuits in the sea, this is what the world is for, making electricity. You can feel it in your mind, oh you can do it all the time, plug it in and change the world, you are my electric girl. - Electric Feel, by MGMT

Pattern Essence

Given the same name as Simon's beloved computer, the "idea" of Lilith was a spur towards the field of information and technology, and Simon originally thought to one day code her into an artificial intelligence. During his Awakening he realized he didn't need to speak commands to a program but communicate with a different side of him he hadn't recognized before. She has since been a loving and supportive figure in his life that isn't afraid to simply "slap" him when he's being dense or an idiot.

Lilith tends to be everything that Simon can not bring himself to be despite the potential. She is aggressive and sensual, sexual and outspoken, very emotional and often light hearted but with a lightning quick temper. Simon's most comfortable medium in which to communicate with his Avatar is through electronic devices, e.g. a computer screen or a television set, seeing her outside such devices and in "meat space" is actually somewhat unsettling to Simon. Also distracting, as he tends to become rather enamored with her. She's proven an inkling towards manifesting for other's sight, but not often, and usually only as sound bites through the computer speakers or as a video clip interacting with Simon on the screen.

Lilith's proportions say she is exactly 5'9" tall and typically appears wearing pumps or boots with heels exactly three inches tall. Her hair is a shining golden blonde and her eyes a crackling electric blue, skin a healthy, slightly tanned color. Her usual mode of dress tends to fit the occasion, but tends towards the very sexy. If occasion applicable clothing isn't available, she'll simply wear something she finds pretty. Her clothing may not always show a lot of skin but will generally always be in the form fitting and somewhat flashy category. At times when torso skin may be seen, Lilith bears golden circuitry lines, always perfectly straight vertical or horizontal lines with only ninety degree angles, with the occasional glowing node at chakras, giving the distinct impression that she is not a woman at all, but a machine. Her favorite color is red, and her measurements are 34-24-34. A great reference for looks, dress, and attitude may be found in Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer, more so from Gaius Baltar's imaginary #6.

Where Simon is concerned, she keeps him on track and helps to ensure that his mood and his mind are in the best frame to continue their projects. All projects have their own priority and must be seen to each in turn according to their priority and for at least a certain amount of time, so long as work does not over lap time they've designated to be spent on a different project. As wild and chaotic as she might seem to be, she is excruciatingly ordered and systematic with all things, the only exception to this being the knowledge that there must always be exceptions, that order may not exist without chaos and anomaly. Favorite past times include no-happy-ending strip teases, prowling the internet for pretty graphics to wear, itemizing Simon's schedule within reason, and encouraging him to dissect current ideas that can not bear fruit so that he might recreate them and make them real and workable.

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