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What is it?

Sparkle is the slang for a magical drug grown in a dream realm that has been appearing on the streets. It seems to drain the life and magic from its users, channeling this energy into the maintenance of the realm where more of the drug is grown.


Sparkle is grown in a corrupted dream realm and processed from some kind of plant matter. Violet has a live sample. It's a little over a foot tall and about three feet in diameter. The leaves are dark green and thick, being full of drug impregnated ooze. it sends out runners to grow new shoots. It does not burn well, but fire will destroy the leaves.


White: pure Sparkle
Purple: mixed with LSD
Red: mixed with Speed
Blue: Mixed with opiates
Green: mixed with cocaine
Yellow: mixed with K

The Dream Realm

Within the Fae Dreaming lands is a temple complex where the energy from Sparkle is gathered. There are a number of religions represented there, with full temples and priests (and cats.)


The realm is inhabited by dream-cats in need of a new home.


Bondage Blond, Sparkle Dealer Priest.
Eqyptian Deco Goth, Priestess Dealer.
Fairy Princess, Priestess Dealer
Molko Man, Priest of Huitzilopochtli
The Priest, Dealer who may be connected to the Sewer Cult
Red Head, seen only on the Sparkle Farm, Priestess of Ceredwyn.

Bondage Blond

Sparkle Dealer

He is a huge blond man who looks rather like a handlebar mustached Gwion in build. He dresses as a Dom for clubbing.

Killed by Gabriel and Lotus in a bar fight. Sadly, the spirit he housed was not completely destroyed, leaving a number of murderous ravens and human servants to run loose in Dallas.

Egyptian Deco Goth

This is one of the most active sparkle dealers. she's been seen at the farm as well. She is dressed in a goth version of flapper styles, with Egyptian deco jewelry to match. She is tall and striking. She is the one who planted the sparkle drenched stuffed Cheshire cat at the library.

Fairy Princess

Little is known of her. She dresses in white clubbing clothes, with wire frame opalescent fairy wings. She is pretty and small, but definitely Mediterranean ethnic, with a prominent nose, brown eyes, and olive skin.

Captured by Hu and Gwen in the bar before the 'bondage blonde' attacked and was slain.

Molko Man

The Molko Man was captured by Seth and presented to Violet, who still keeps him imprisoned. He looks like Brian Molko's Central American cousin, petit and handsome with pure blood skin tone and features. He had mesoamerican style jewelry on him when captured. He is fanatical and insane. He is also prone to contagious possession and a Priest of Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec hummingbird god.

Killed by Gabriel and friends when he began to 'hatch' unexpectedly.

The Priest

The is short, but insanely muscular with a bull neck and handsome Mediterranean features. He favors leather trousers and bare chest. He seems to have some connection to the sewer cult and is a sparkle dealer.

Red Head

This Priestess of Ceredwyn has only been seen at the sparkle Farm.

Action History.

Emergency resolution

In an emergency meeting of the Chantry Council (Gwen & Gabriel presiding,) the following action items were approved:

  1. Creation of a biological or chemical weapon to use against the Sparkle plants at the farm outside of town.
  2. Investigation of an efficient way to destroy Sparkle stockpiles.
  3. Mapping and discovery of farm defenses
  4. Eventual destruction of Sparkle manufacture & distribution chain to cut off their quintessence supply.


There was an experimental awakening of The Molko Man (our captive priest) that resulted in possession of Gwen and Violet by Azdec gods. This was foiled but in the subsequent investigation some facts were revealed:

  • There is a ‘visible’ non-mage magical signature for spirit-induced possession that is susceptible to unweaving.
  • Enemy priests/mages have an extra-large Quintessence battery that can be filled through their link to their god.
  • The Molko Man shows signs of having been put into a zero-time bubble centuries ago, so is not a 'native' of the modern age.

Recommendations from Gabriel: We require better weaponry and reinforcements. If you can summon allies to aid in this task let me know. We need to schedule a day (yes, it will take a day) to shift ley-lines and awaken a node for our use. There are several possible locations, but since I have planned to do so in my basement, we might as well start there. I have been preparing ritual materials and notes on how to go about this.

For the birds

As told by Hu.

"It seemed like everyone was taking so long to inspect the wards so I decided I'd go have a look at the farm. I used google maps in order to ensure that I could get a look at the boundary of the farm without getting too close to the place. I just took my bike down the mainroad, near the farm, not up to the gate or anything though and there's other stuff that way too. I glanced towards the farmland, off the road and I got hit with a vision." Hu says. "They happen sometimes. I'd to stop the bike for a moment, otherwise there'd have been another huge accident. Since I was stopped I figured I'd have a look to see if there were wards. I didn't use any sort of magic, I figured well, helmet and leathers no one's going to recognise me anyway all motorcyclists look the same. I'm just anyone stopped for a moment. So I glanced at the farm, saw there were wards there and drove off back home. When I got back Violet was there and she spotted that some birds had followed me. They must have been invisible or really high up or something. I always spot stuff like that, unless the vision had me shaken, but even then… I'm sure I'd have noticed them."

Hu nods. "I figured well best to get it done and it was just a passive observation. I've no idea how they spotted me unless they're being exceptionally paranoid. It just doesn't make sense to scan every single person who drives that route though." He shrugs. "Well no matter, they did. Anyway the birds were flying overhead. We shot one of them and it landed in a neighbour's garden. I didn't think having the injured bird where anyone could get at it was a good idea so I went out to pick it up. The other birds attacked me. I got the bird though. Violet shot a second, it disintegrated though and it wasn't a disintegration gun. They were definitely being controlled by someone, birds don't act that way and the lack of a body, well they were probably familiars or spirit creatures or something. I grabbed another bird, I figured we could use it as a link back, then everything went black."

The captured bird was being controlled and used by one of their gods as eyes and ears. It was later destroyed.

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