After Corey's boyfriend, Josh fell through a rift while doing his paper route, Hu called in a favour with his former cabalmates, Princess and Doctor Destiny to secure the group access to the Ethership Galatea and her surly librarian, Professor Plum.

Corey, Hu, Randi and Violet have found themselves leaping from dimension to dimension, hoping to find the right Josh.

Worlds (First Season)
Listed in brackets is who ran the world.

  • World 1 - Their home world
  • World 2 - Was nearly exactly like World 1, but Corey had never time-traveled and was now a famous, Oscar-winning heart-throb of an actor. (Hu)
  • World 3 - Dallas was devastated by a strange virus that may have created zombies, but the group were reassured that Gwen was working on a cure. (Hu)
  • World 4 - Timo's grandfather was the King of Mexico, after Timo's death he declared war on Texas. (Randi)
  • World 5 - Violet's homeworld. Josh was a Mad Hatter. (Violet)
  • World 6 - a 'consensual reality' world based upon the Star Wars universe, the group found themselves on the planet Coruscant, some time after Palpatine had declared himself Emperor. (Randi)
  • World 7 - Gamma World, where Dallas has been devastated by a nuclear strike. The only person found was an older Josh, who lived in a shielded, domed structure, which may have been a trap set up by Miranda (Evil-Randi), looking to gain a new magic suit. (Hu)
  • World 8 - Hippie World. Friendly spiders, teens in the wilderness declaring peace and love, a city in the clouds where everyone parties and a cave with magical crystals that enhance psychic powers. (Hu)
  • World 9 - Plague World. A plague destroyed the population of the world. Hu saw his first alternate self, who was dead. (Randi)
  • World 10 - TV World. A world where Corey, Randy, Josh and Timo were the chosen ones, like on Buffy and TV rules applied. Josh was a vampire. (Corey)
  • World 11 - Crossroads. A nexus point of worlds where many dimension travels visit to relax and shop. (Hu)
  • World 12 - Fantasy World. (Based off of the world of Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth novels.) Hu, Corey, and Randi arrive in an apparently medeival city called Tamarang with a large castle overhead. Finding out that a too-young Josh had just been taken by sorceresses calling themselves the Sisters of the Light, intent on training him to be a wizard, the three head to try to follow to calibrate Galatea's scanners. Encountering a powerful wizard, they learn that the taking of Josh violated an ancient treaty, and they helped draw the sorceresses in to face punishment and Josh is released to be taught by the wizard. (Randi)
  • World 13 - Super-World! A world in which Randi and Corey found themselves with extra super-powers. Randi had super-strength and boosted gadgets, Corey had super-speed and mind control. After encountering Owlette, the daughter of the city's premiere defenders, Dark Owl and Angel, they found themselves labelled villains and on the run. Dark Owl apprehended Randi, took her to a police station where she encountered the scruffy Detective Jackson who allowed her to go free under the promise she'd never return. Meanwhile, Corey tracked Josh down to Planet Enterprises and found him bound and gagged in the penthouse. Trapped in a room with a sleep-grenade he was able to stuff it in the safe and Randi broke him out. The two fled back to the ship, chased by Miranda. (Hu)
  • World 14 - Tatooine. The trio found themselves in another 'consensual reality' based upon Star Wars. This time, they were in Mos Eisley spaceport, on Tatooine, on the very day Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker first meet Han Solo and Chewbacca. A middle-aged Josh (here known as Jos-Ro Zenn) had been a Jedi Padawan when Darth Vader destroyed the Jedi Temple, and he's spent the last 20 years searching the galaxy for any remaining Jedi Masters. In this reality, Corey (known as Kirk Harris) and Randi (Miranda Neil) had also been Padawans, but when Vader slew Randi, Corey turned to the Dark Side and became Darth Vain. Together, he and Vader destroyed Palpatine, and Vader became Emperor. Since the known story was already very different, Hu decided it would be all right to point Obi-Wan in Jos-Ro's direction. (Corey)
  • World 15: Volcano World. A massive, magical volcano was located just outside Dallas, and it was about to explode! The trio found Josh and a male Randy in the boarding house. The Corey of this world was called Marty. Randy assured them they had the volcano under control, and after recalibrating the compass, the trio returned to the Galatea, just as the volcano went off — but disaster was averted, as the lava flowed away from the city. (Randi)
  • World 16: Evil-Fairy World. Liliqua, the purple fairy sent the trio on a quest to prove themselves heroes. The tests turned out to be a trick. Hu saw through her wicked plot and was able to free many of her captives, but it was Randi who took her wand — and promptly turned into the Blue Fairy for a short time. (Hu)
  • World 17:


Team TARDIS: In World 5 the group encountered a group of mages consisting of Josh, Timo, Randi and Cameron, traveling in a TARDIS searching for their Corey. They mentioned a world where Corey is the US President.

Evil Kirk: An alternative version of Corey, still going by his birth-name Kirk Harrison. He's been dubbed Evil-Kirk by Corey. In world 5 he was 10 years older than Corey, wearing Randi's magic-suit and in possession of a lightsaber. In world 8 he was in his early twenties, still in possession of the suit. He claims that his Josh rejected him.

Evil Miranda An alternative version of Randi, who now goes by her mother's name, is tracking down other versions of their group, trying to kill them in order to retrieve her suit. The group met her in World 13 where she tried to kill them.

Jos-Ro Zenn Middle-aged Josh, who is an aspiring Jedi during the time of the Rebellion. He, Kirk Harris, and Miranda Neil had been Padawans during the Emperor's purge of the Jedi Order. When Randi was slaughtered by Vader, Kirk fell to the Dark Side, and he has been hunting Jos-Ro ever since. Jos-Ro, with his droid companions Ageus-Threepio and Artoo-Kayseesix, has been scouring the galaxy, searching for any remaining Jedi Masters.

Wills Astin A hermetic mage, found on World 11, with a metal-wand carved with the same runes that were on Kirk's lightsaber hilt. He claimed to know Evil-Kirk and who was convinced that Corey was a brain-washed Kirk who had fallen under Miranda's spell.

Captain Flynn Dare Flynn is Captain of a squadron of pilots who fly replica WWII fighter aircraft designed for traveling through rifts. In their world the Nazi Party made deals with Nephandic forces and now rule the world. With magic being a twisted, evil thing, they work on appropriating technology from other worlds in the hope of finding a device that will allow them to reclaim their own world. He and Hu spent a week together at Crossroads.

Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander A young Wizard of the First Order in World 12, he took Josh as an apprentice after he was rescued from the Sisters of the Light.

Liliqua the Lilac Fairy On World 16 they met Liliqua the evil Lilac Fairy. Once she'd been in a Cinderella situation, discontent with the idea of marrying a handsome prince and wanting more power, she mugged her fairygodmother for her wand and began her campaign of evil, trapping any hero foolish enough to ask her for a wish, in a purple sphere. She was brought to justice when Randi took her wand from her and became her successor.

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