Zoo Cafe

Welcome to the Zoo! The main room is humungous. The large, circular counter at the back of the room is constructed of aged beechwood. Here the friendly baristas serve specialty coffees, a variety of sodas, and more expensive juice "mocktails." Food can also be ordered from the menu at the counter, though most people opt for the tables or booths, which take up much of the room's center. To the right of the main area, the wall is lined with wooden shelves, with shorter, free-standing bookcases arranged in rows here and there. Books on just about every occult subject fill many of the shelves. Other shelves hold a variety of candles, incense, tarot cards, runes, essential oils, pentacles, and other supplies. The left third of the room is dominated by a small, raised stage. Local bands occasionally play on the stage, but it's used mostly for poetry readings or other, quieter performances. The rest of this area is somewhat crowded with myriad mismatched but comfy couches and armchairs, with little coffee- and end-tables.

The Zoo Cafe is owned by Vlad and frequented by the pooka. Jonquil is the kitchen manager and head chef. Niran's "band," the Glass Menagerie plays there sometimes. Alice Evans is the head barista and general manager of the cafe. Owen Brooks runs the New Age bookstore portion of the cafe.

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