The Menagerie

The house at 1164 Morning Glory Circle, in the Dalworthington Gardens neighborhood of Arlington, is also known as the Menagerie. After arriving in Dallas, Vlad used the money from the sale of his grandmother's building in Greenwich Village to buy this house, along with the Zoo Cafe. It has two very large bedrooms, as well as one smaller one, a full attic (turned into a bedroom) and full basement. At one time, the Pooka Motley all lived here, but right now, it's home only to Vlad and Niran, along with Clover and Scampers.

Beyond the small entrance foyer is the enormous main room of the house, with a high ceiling and a fireplace framed by French-style doors, which open to the back deck. A neutral colored couch faces a matching chair set over a small coffee table. The brick fireplace comes complete with mantle and hearth, and there are several art books scattered neatly over the coffee table. Against one wall rests a state-of-the-art entertainment center, including a gigantic plasma screen television.

Just off the living room, the island kitchen and breakfast area provide a spacious place for both food preparation and socializing in the morning. The larger dining room to the right of the foyer doesn’t appear to be used very often. Doors on the left of the main room lead to two of the bedrooms, while the third is located at the back of the house.

The back yard has a tall privacy fence and a large swimming pool, a hot tub, and an herb and flower garden. The fence has a gate in the back, which opens onto the lake's beach, where there's a small boat pier.

The Menagerie is also known as the Pookery as it is the home of the infamous pooka motley. It is currently heavily warded by Gwion/Gwendolyne to hide it from The Thorns. The focus for the warding is Clover the rabbit.

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