The Capri Apartments

An unremarkable building in a row of unremarkable buildings. This particular one has a brick facade and from the rows of windows, three floors. A metal security gate guards a portico, with a wall of mailboxes and intercom panel set nearby.

This is the site of the new Chantryhouse. This is still something of a stub, and I want comments before I finalize anything.


There are five levels, three above, two below. In the back is a large freight elevator, and a smaller, faster passenger elevator near the front of the building.


Home to things like the plumbing, electric and communication hookups. There is also a large space set up for storage. This floor is accessed by the freight elevator and the stairs. Secure prison cells in the basement.


Much as it says. There is a gate that opens onto the alley. Both the elevators and stairs stop here. Big garage room for working on large projects like making tanks and wreckers and airships! [Um… that needs a rather different kind of space than seems reasonable for the tennant parking area of an apartment building. The idea is to buy one intact rather than building from scratch. If we need a place for this kind of thing, I suggest we either work on getting a Horizon realm or a seperate hangar somewhere.]

Ground Floor

This floor has meeting rooms and offices.


The second floor houses a number of studio apartments.


The third floor is occupied by a large common space. One end has a stage, projection screen and PA system. Further back there is a bar and a large kitchen.

Roof garden

There is a garden on the roof, built around the chillers and machinery hutches for the elevators.

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