Out Of Order

The site called Out Of Order by its occupants is located in the Green Oaks section of Arlington (A2).

Grounds and Building

The area around the house is wooded, the oaks that lend the area its name obscuring the view from the street. The house appears to be two levels, with a sloped roof. In front, a covered portico houses some potted plants and a statue of the elephant-headed deity Ganesh.

An oddity of the place is that there are few animals of any kind in the yard. Those birds who come onto the grounds typically leave quickly.


The front yard is fairly unremarkable,

The back yard is more parklike than a simple expanse of grass or a garden. The ground is gently sloped down toward the house and dotted with the evergreen oak trees that give the neighborhood its name. Out near the middle, a stone pad with a picnic table stands, covered by a wooden arbor wound with ivy for shade. Further out, under one of the larger trees, a broad circle of small river boulders has been set up, the stones large enough to sit on. There is a large patio as well, set up with a gas grill and outdoor furniture.

Around the left side of the house is a small covered platform for meditation that is close enough to the node here to allow recharging your Avatar pool.


The house consists of three wings. A roughly square main part is the largest, with a large garage off to the side that's hidden from the street. The third is smaller, a garage topped with a suite connected to the house by a broad bridge over a gated carport. The driveway curves around the front of the house, a branch going back to the court between the two garage wings, some of the paved with a large section of glass brickwork.

Internally, there are three levels in the main building. The ground floor is for cooking, dining and work, above are the bedrooms and below is a daylight basement with entertainment and recreation.


Upstairs there are 2 suites on opposite corners, both of which have independent access to the outside. Three more bedrooms round it out, all with large walk-in closets. The ground floor has a large kitchen, breakfast nook, living room, a covered patio with a grill, an office and library, as well as a mudroom and service room. Downstairs there is a playroom, an exercise room laid out for yoga, a 15-seat “media room” with staged seating like a proper theater, game room and a large indoor swimming pool and spa.


Dinah and Pounce are the feline proprietors of Out Of Order, and must be propitiated with cans of tuna and catnip mice (just ask them.) Their needs are met by the house's human inhabitants, being Gabriel and Lotus.


The first of the chantry's nodes was opened in the basement here. The tass is collected in oil at 1 point of Quintessence per drop. When used, there is a scent produced, but it varies with factors including the precice spell, the caster's personality and circumstance.

The node and grounds are guarded by a cobra spirit. It typicaly manifests as a 20 foot long serpent.

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