Caer Adar

Beyond the thirty-feet-high portcullis and the large inner gates is a modest-sized stronghold. It is obvious that the buildings are constructed of great blocks of the hardest granite, undoubtedly common throughout the entire walled city. Two men-at-arms stand guard outside the inner gates, asking that visitors sheath all weapons before entering the keep.

The cobbled streets of the stronghold are always crowded with shoppers, sellers, and even animals. Stray dogs are common, darting among the stalls and nipping at wandering sheep and chickens. Jostled to and fro, people in this area should keep a tight grip on their coinpurses, as pickpockets are not the exception, but the norm.

In the center of the fortress is the central hall, a massive roundhouse of Celtic design, where the baron holds court for the local Fae.

(this isn't what the Caer looks like, but it's pretty)
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