, a.k.a. localhost, is the house in which Simon and Jeremy live. Originally just "Simon's house", it's still often referred to that way by others. is located at 42 Snider in Dallas (D1), just past the boundaries of Snider Plaza. The neighbourhood "seems to be set several square miles back in time"; outside the commercial area, the houses are mostly single-family dwellings of mid-20th-century vintage, with lawns, trees, and some more or less successful flowerbeds here and there. itself is a quaint ranch style house painted a light blue, with an attached garage. It's situated on one and a half lots worth of land, giving it a front and back yard connected by a good-sized side lawn. There is no dramatic landscaping, but the lawn is kept mowed and the few trees have their litter raked up. There are a few decorative bushes along the sides of the house and the fencing that separates it from other yards. The driveway has oil stains from frequent parking, and there are concrete walkways to the front door from both driveway and sidewalk.

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