This page has brief descriptions of various people who have figured in plots and play on the MUSH. The goal is to provide a place to look up common knowledge information about them and be a source for generating play.


These characters belong to various players. Not all have been approved, but the character object should have been created already. There are directions above on how to add your own characters, so please do so!


Anton LeChevre MD, Goat Satyr
Brams Tamahori, Fruitbat Pooka
Lord Dylan Pryderi David Meredith, Eshu Squire
Lord Gavin Rhys Philip Meredith, Marquess of Carmarthen, Sidhe Baron
Hegemony Carter, Coyote Pooka
Jonquil, Rabbit Pooka
Mariam Detweiler, Australian Cattle Dog Pooka
Melody Thespis, Eiluned Sidhe
Niran Jackson, Betta Pooka
Phoenix, Fiona Sidhe
Seth Avery (a.k.a. Svetlanna Monsoon), Nightengale Pooka


Corey Sumner, Cult of Ecstasy Apprentice
Eli Young, Celestial Chorister
Gabriel MacRae, Shaean Hermetic
Gwion O'Donnell, Verbena
Hubert 'Hu' Mansfield, Cult of Ecstasy
Jeremiah Brody, Euthanatos
Jiro (Jeremy) Anenokoji, Lhaksmist Euthanatos
Lotus Patricks, Albireo Euthanatos
Randal McNeil, Adventurer Etherite
Simon Lemure, Virtual Adept Apprentice
Sparrow, Dreamspeaker
Violet Rhoda Hargreaves, Esq., Collegia Solificatus (adopted by Sons of Ether)
Why Not, Celestial Chorister


Edgar Allan Poldowski, Corax
Mina, Bastet


Justin Thorn
Giovanni Scarpia, Consor
Denden Adam "Vlad" Halliwell, Kinain


These are essentially props, used to fill minor roles or designed to be shared resources. If you have some editorial control over such a character, you should note who on the MUSH to contact with questions or approval for a particular use.


Agnessa and Red Ethel, Boggan and Nocker Grumps
Elaine, Sluagh grump, Bedlam specialist
FuzzyWuzzy, Elephant-Bear Chimera
The Lady of the Post, Balor Sidhe Baroness of the local Unseelie Court
Percy, Gavin's Butler
Rasul, Eshu Wilder
Robin, Percy's Assistant
Roxanne Leigh Fitzwilliam, Redcap Childling
The Snow Queen, Chimera


Cameron Collins, Son of Ether
Master Chang, Akashic Brother, confined to the Horizon by Paradox Flaws.
Darian, Cult of Ecstasy, Master of Mind, Hu's ex-mentor.
Doctor Destiny, Son of Ether, French fashion designer and Hu's ex-cabalmate.
Galatea, Ethership
Princess Proudhon, Virtual Adept, Hu's ex-cabalmate
Professor Plum, Son of Ether, librarian of the Ethership Galatea

Sparkle Priests

Bondage Blond, Sparkle Dealer Priest. Mostly dead.
Eqyptian Deco Goth, Priestess Dealer.
Fairy Princess, Priestess Dealer. In bondage.
Molko Man, Priest of Huitzilopochtli. Completely dead.
The Priest, Dealer who may me connected to the Sewer Cult
Red Head, seen only on the Sparkle Farm, Priestess of Ceredwyn.


Coco, Was Brams' Dreamer, but is now a Sparkle casualty.
Sugar, Sugar is a Hunter, cousin to Sparrow.
Josh, Corey's boyfriend who fell in a rift.


Catullus, Adm: General Plotting and Shifters
Lorca, Wiz: Wandering Staffer
Dorothy Parker, Wiz: Code Monkey
Silverstein, Adm: Changeling Consultant

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