Name: Denden Adam "Vlad" Halliwell.

Race: Kinain.

General information:

Kinain from a long line of Changeling companions. His father was a Sidhe knight, accidentally slain in a duel with a particularly nasty Redcap before Vlad was born. Pale and tragic, mysterious and androgynous, Vlad is the personification of all things goth. Oddly, he speaks with a distinct California-surfer accent. App 4.

Vlad and Niran had a large wedding ceremony, attended by members of both sides of their family, at their home in Arlington. They had another, smaller ceremony in San Francisco, presided over by a justice of the peace — one of the last legal gay marriages in the state before the passage of the controversial Proposition 8.

More info when I figure out what more to share about Vlad.

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Vlad’s Magical Ancestors

Hester Halliwell (1682-1779) : Came to Virginia in 1702 with her husband, Captain Edward Halliwell (third cousin), who founded the port village of Halliwell Cove. Her specialty was Weather Control, which she often used to protect trading ships. Mother of six daughters (Vlad is descends from the third, Gillian).

Gillian Halliwell (1706-1804) : Her specialty was Divination, which she used to foresee the Revolution. She picked the winning side and used her skills to help the Minutemen in her area. She married a Sidhe major, but, in keeping with family tradition, kept her family name. Mother of three daughters (Vlad descends from the first, Marian).

Marian Halliwell (1725-1820) : Her specialty was Healing, and she married a doctor and moved to New York. Had one son and three daughters (Vlad descends from the third, Charlotte).

Charlotte Halliwell (1751-1859) : Her specialty was Conjuration. She married a Sidhe late in life, but still had five daughters and two sons (Vlad descends from the fifth daughter, Catherine).

Catherine Halliwell (1799-1902) : Her specialty was Fascination, and at age 16, she seduced a married minister and had one son, Henry. She refused to name the father and, to avoid the scandal, she moved to San Francisco and became a school teacher. She never married or had other children.

Henry “Harry” Halliwell (1816-1899) : His specialty was Shapeshifting. He married a deer Pooka, who left a daughter (Elizabeth) before disappearing into the Dreaming.

Elizabeth Halliwell (1846-1932) : Her specialty was Alchemy, and with her chemist husband, she discovered a rare earth element. She had three daughters (Vlad is descends from the third, Zelda, whose father was actually a Sidhe).

Zelda Halliwell (1869-1959) : Her mother had a secret affair with a Sidhe, and Zelda was the product. Her specialty was Ephemera, and she was a successful Spiritualist who had three Sidhe husbands, outliving all them all. It was she who placed the spell on the Book of Shadows that allows the Halliwell ghosts to manifest to help the current owner. She had two daughters (Vlad is descends from the second, Athena).

Athena Halliwell (1899-1950) : Her specialty was Divination, and her stock broker husband avoided losing it all in the Great Crash thanks to her foresight. She had one daughter and one son (Vlad descends from the son, Richard).

Richard Halliwell (1921-1959) : He had no magical talent and fought in the Navy in World War II. In 1950, he Chrysallized as a Sidhe and married a third cousin (Sarah Halliwell). They had one daughter, before he fell into Bedlam. Richard’s sister, Margaret, did have magical talent, and she was very unhappy not to get the Book of Shadows when their mother died.

Raven Halliwell (1957-2007) : Vlad’s grandmother. Her talent was Herbology. She married a hippy and opened a book store in New York. She had only one daughter, Samantha.

Samantha Halliwell (1969- ) : Vlad’s mother. Her talent is Enchantment. She married a Sidhe, who was killed in a duel with a Redcap. She teaches folklore and literature at UC-Berkley.

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