Name: Violet Rhoda Hargreaves, Esq.

Race: Mage, Collegia Solificatus (adopted by the Sons of Ether)

General information:

A brilliant and beautiful girl in her late teens, Violet R. Hargreaves is a bit enigmatic and a lot eccentric. She arrived in the United States from Oxford in the United Kingdom, apparently by the wishes of the Oxford Etherites who stated that she simply "appeared" one day. While she has been adopted by the Sons of Ether, she insists that in "her world" she is a Journeyman Alchemist of the Collegia Solificatus, an academy based upon the alchemical principles of the Solificati, a craft known in this world to be defunct.

To Violet's explanation, her world is a world of clockwork engineering, steam power, and alchemy, resembling a twisted amalgamation of Great Britain in the mid to late 1800s, the fictional writings of Jules Verne, and the fictional world of Alice in Wonderland — which she insists is quite real. She is, she claims, the great granddaughter of Alice Pleasance Liddell, the protagonist of the well known story.

A popular belief is that she is from a parallel version of Earth and has somehow crossed over. Her world, it seems, was ruptured by cataclysmic forces which led Earth into a war with what appeared to be Wonderland. As a result of the war, history diverged dramatically: steam and clockwork remained the dominant technology. Mages had to use their powers openly to save the world, and so it was "hidden" from Sleepers in the form of alchemy.

Violet is thin and willowy, with long purple hair tied up with a black bow. She is known to dress in styles that one would typically define as "goth lolita" — elegant and faux-Victorian, but with a slightly subversive and suggestive style. She is fond of striped stockings, the colour purple, large black shoes, goggles, and her round-rimmed gold glasses. She wears a small chain around her neck with a small brown glass apothecary's bottle attached, the fading label reading, "Drink Me".

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