Name: Simon “Croutons” Francis Lemure

Race: Apprentice Mage, probably Virtual Adept. Okay, almost certainly. But it's not yet official.

Age: 23

Birthday: January 31 (Aquarius, Garnet)

Lives at: 42 Snider Plaza (Ranch style single story house) a.k.a

Lives with: Jeremy Anenokoji (Euthanatos)

Pets: Igor and Egor, twin black lab puppies. Also, Ryuuko, though the word ‘pet’ doesn’t technically apply to him.

Net Handle: Chromeo

Allergies: Aside from standard hay fever and generic pollen, Simon is has an allergic reaction from more than very small amounts of citrus, his skin tends to erupt in pimples and blemishes that last for days after ingestion. It's a child allergy he never grew out of.

General information:

Simon is a Texas Native, born close enough to the border of Mexico that his nationality has been questioned once or twice, and raised largely in the Houston suburbs. He’s had a pretty uneventful life with a minimum of drama and trauma, attended local public schools and got very good grades.

His mother, Marianne Lemure, came from France when she was about Simon’s age and took up with Gerald Thompson in the Oregon area, originally from Texas. They fell madly in love with each other and together had just the one son. Simon has his mother’s last name for some odd reason instead of his father’s, a step towards progressive thinking and moving away from traditions that say a child must have a certain parent’s last name perhaps. Both of his parents are short and quite round, his mother very friendly and talkative, his father very quiet and laid back.

Simon has worn glasses for as long as he can remember, and spent most of his school years with big shiny braces on his teeth, and even a bit of time with the full on dental headgear. Simon takes very good care of his teeth after all that work and embarrassment, not to mention the teasing and all.

He has family spread across the south, very few relatives above the Mason-Dixon line. He also has an extensive family in France that he doesn’t know all that well, only visiting now and then on holidays with his parents. His southern American family is old fashioned in a lot of ways, the Confederate battle flag flies alongside the Texas Lone Star at family homes, but not the stars and stripes of the country itself, and the ‘national anthem’ to them is in fact ‘Dixie’. These relatives he spent his summers with working with agriculture and a bit with animals, his favorite being a cousin named Johnny, though the two tend to beat the absolute crap out of each other every time they get together. He has relatives that are bankers and businessmen, just not enough to keep Simon from being rather a black sheep that would sooner program something than go hunting. The majority of his American family should make one think of long horn steer, 4H meetings, and banjo music.

Shortly after graduating high school Simon dipped into his inheritance and trust fund money (this money comes from a deceased set of grandparents as well as bonds and deposited money via grandparents and parents - he's very responsible with money), and with the little but good credit he’d managed to acquire and with a good down payment he was able to buy a house rather than rent an apartment or move into a dorm room, and has faithfully paid his mortgage since.

He began college barely a year after leaving high school, taking courses in things relating to computer programming and electronics, with a couple extracurricular things such as metalworking, mechanics, and even the Japanese language. Why that one? Cause Japanese chicks are hot, that’s why, and what better way to snag one than by speaking the language? And also he’d be able to stop getting badly dubbed movies and video games. Nothing ruins the drama of a bad ass movie than the protagonist shouting 'You! Get you the hot shot gun bullets to die!' He takes an amount of courses just shy of what he could possibly handle, dedicating most of his free time to the pursuit of knowledge.

He worked at the IT department of the University as a computer lab tech as well as dishing out technical support. Here he was supervised by Jeremy Anenokoji, and they eventually became friends outside of work as well. This later became more of a relationship than just a friendship, as well as a careful prospecting of someone leaning towards Awakening. Simon does not talk about his actual Awakening with anyone for any reason. Since Awakening, he has become Jeremy’s student in the magical arts as well as his boyfriend, and he’s been making pretty good progress so far in both areas.

He has ended his employment at the university and is no longer a subordinate of Jeremy, fearful of a conflict of interest earning Jeremy trouble. He now works at Intel in their electronics assembly department. This career change was to help facilitate and round out his hardware education that the knowledge might be better applied to magical workings. Also playing with robots all day kicks ass, never mind that they’re auto-assembly robots and not way cool Terminator robots. Still, he hopes to successfully work through his probationary new hire status and advance until he can begin designing and programming as well.

Personality Stuff

Simon is typically a nervous and anxious person, these emotions usually displayed with a mix of spineless subservience and humor depending on the situation. He dislikes creating or helping conflict and will often simply give up a fight just to make another person happy rather than pressing for his own win and ending up with someone angry with him. He tends to be unsure of himself and of other people quite a lot, people are just far more difficult to understand and much more chaotic compared to machines and code and he constantly worries about putting a foot wrong with someone else. As well, he has terrible self confidence and a very bad self opinion and often tends to assume fault or blame without thinking. When chastised, he often resorts to lowering his head and apologizing rather than getting angry and snappy in return unless he feels he has some great reason.

He is deeply enamored with technology of all sorts, the more modern the better, and even more so when they branch into futuristic applications such as cybernetics. Learning is his favorite thing in the world to do, any sort of learning what so ever, and he enjoys filing away interesting tid bits and trivia for future use. He has spent most of his life designing and perfecting machinery intended to be embedded within and work with a human body.

His favorite place in the world to just get away from it all is the airport, he enjoys parking his car in the field outside the airport’s boarder fencing where he can lie on the hood and watch planes landing and taking off right over his head. This noisy place offers him tranquility as he watches awesome technology defy common laws and magically soar into the air. This is where he goes to work through deeply complex issues of many different sorts, and it makes a handy place for the extremely rare occasions he feels the need to rage.

Simon is also a conscientious person where the planet is concerned, updating his home often to keep with less poisonous modes of power and such, from replacing the grow lights in the basement with LED to beginning to set up his home for solar power storage. He walks if he can avoid driving, also carpools, but is far too anti social to deal with public transportation. He waters his lawn at night, makes sure his faucets are tightly off, and so on.

His wallet is filled with all sorts of certifications, including a concealed weapon’s permit for a registered Glock 23 .40 caliber handgun (though he does not carry this all the time), up to date hunting and fishing licenses, CPR certification, NRA membership and certification, a driver’s license that says he is an organ donor and lists his blood type, voter’s registration card, pocket sized Constitution and Bill of Rights, among other such things.

Hobbies, beyond computer tech and programming, include mechanics and jewelry craft, as well as cooking and cleaning. He has a 1969 Pontiac GTO in the garage that he’s been restoring and modernizing for quite a while, now with Jeremy’s help, though it’s still got a ways to go. He also has a small workshop area in the basement grow room where he crafts jewelry and figurines using precious metals and gemstones with the aid of a smelter and various other trade tools. Purely a hobby, he hasn’t yet tried to sell any of his creations, though all of his worn jewelry aside from one ring is self made. He enjoys cooking quite a bit and has shelled out lots of money to Pampered Chef. He isn’t a maestro of the kitchen, most of his cooking comes from books, but he puts effort and love into his food making, and even if it doesn’t come out looking exactly like the picture in the book it still tastes very good. Simon also grows weed in his basement, which is actually not for him, but for several people he knows who need the product for pain medication and the like, acting as a caregiver and grower for cancer patience and etc. He keeps a small fraction of the harvests for personal use, though he doesn't smoke all that often, and sells the rest to his patients for far less than street value, mostly just the cost of electricity use and fertilizer. His method is hydroponics, and he has some knowledge of chemestry and agriculture that allows him to create potent and tasty strains of marijuana.

Where politics is concerned, Simon is a fervent Constitutionalist that tends to get pretty irate when rights and his country’s constitution are abused. He heartily disagrees with addendums to the constitution save specifically where something has become severely out dated, and will bad mouth and protest politicians all day long for abusing such a sacred tool to undermine precious freedoms simply to do away with things they dislike. Typically nonviolent, he still upholds his right to keep and bear arms, his freedom of speech and so on, and woe to someone that tells him he hasn’t got such rights. He tends to absolutely loathe politics and political people in power (although he does have depthless support for Texas’ Ron Paul, who is also a Constitutionalist), and agrees wholeheartedly with his founding father's statement that revolution against one's government must occur often to oppose the guaranteed tyranny of one's own officials. He tends to view these people as national threats and personal enemies, and they cause him no small amount of paranoia. Things like the Patriot Act supply him with barrels of paranoid rants about The Man stripping one of their rights and freedoms until they may not speak unless spoken to, where all free thinking is a crime, privacy non existent, Men in Black scooping people off the streets never to be seen again once they’ve undergone federally sanctioned torture for supposed threats against America, and so on. Needless to say, Simon has some very distinct authority issues, where contrarily he is still supportive and respectful and supportive of the police force and the military.

Despite being a person with some rather modern ideas, Simon also has some rather old fashioned beliefs that tend to cause him grief. His inability to deal with or accept a poly amorous relationship combined with silly childhood dreams of marrying and starting a family, as well as his unhealthy paranoia, has caused him problems in the past that still persist. He also still has a degree of trouble dealing with the relationship he is currently in; he may have 'come out' to his parents, so to speak, but is nearly incapable of showing much of any romantic affection to his boyfriend in public beyond a look or a slight and covert touch. Nazis or rednecks will leap out of no where instantly and lynch him, surely. Behind closed doors with all the curtains closed and the lights off he's quite the romantic, though.


Electricity is the life blood of the cosmos, the source of life and death, change and creation, it is the spark that makes meaningless cells divide, the zap that starts a heart beating again or stills it forever. Electricity creates elements or changes them with only the lightest of touches; a single bolt of lightning may create fire that burns away earth, it may strike sand and create glass, it may turn water to vapor and heralds the rage of stormy winds. The epitome of chaos and a thing without beginning or end, without form or feeling, it may be gentle or devastating, a wild beast that does not lie down for order but will allow itself to be lead and brushed with order for a time. It connects all things, all worlds, all times, and all possibilities. If one could but touch another being and cast off the laws and rules they've been taught, if one could but listen and feel, they would see and know that they are one. Though membranous cells separate two persons, the force that gives them life and travels throughout creation connects them and makes them one. Though two person's thoughts may be different, isn't electricity always the same flavor?

Simon believes in this connection absolutely, of course, and doesn't believe that his separation from the ground by walking or his separation from others by personal body and skin means he is separate at all. The human body is an intricate machine powered by electricity and giving off a magnetic field, and to touch is to meet one electric force with another of like kind, so why then couldn't one with the will to brush his own electricity with order not be able to brush another's? Simon touches the air, and so he knows he can one day learn to call lightning, for he and the sky are connected. He touches the earth, and so he knows that he can one day learn to step from one land to another, for he and time and space are connected. He touches man and beast and plant, and so he knows he can one day learn to heal or harm, hear thoughts or see sights, for he and living things are connected. Potential is as limitless as electricity itself.

The evolution of Man suggests to him the unconscious reach for connection to electricity and Simon believes that Man would not have turned out the way it has thus far if Man was not meant to better understand and better work with electricity. The technocracy almost but not quite had it right when they delved into cyborgs and such, Simon believes there is a definite line between man and machine that should not be crossed lest humanity be lost, but that it's not at all wrong to integrate one's self with machines to better touch the force of all, which may or may not be God. A man should never strive to become a machine, but he sees no wrong in bettering one's self in small mechanical ways; an implant to better sense the world, a robotic prosthesis to replace a lost limb or eyes, a data jack to touch the Net and ride electricity's waves through other shapes of reality. Electricity can not, must not, ever be truly ordered. It may be taught tricks, but a wild thing is a wild thing, and if caged will whither and die, taking creativity and creation with it, leaving only stagnancy and boredom.


Simon brushes his chaos with order with the use of a cybernetic implant of his own design that he calls a 'wet drive' (version 1.2). This device is a micro processor embedded along with limited data storage that is centered within a web of microfibers. The whole thing is only a few inches in diameter, and has been allowed to have Simon's own brain cells grown throughout it. The device lies atop Simon's brain matter, between brain and skull where it may connect both hemispheres, and is grafted into place by cellular osmosis. The focus of this device is magic in general, it is a focus for all spheres rather than a single sphere. Its usage is based on harnessing Simon's personal bio-electric impulses that send and receive messages to the brain and body in order to power the object. Simon uses the focus to "retune his personal frequency" from consensus reality towards a sphere's affect. E.g., changing his frequency to see auras, or to amplify it to do a Life scan, or what have you. It isn't specifically limited, but may be impractical for some things. He interacts with his foci much like he would a computer program, thinking command lines and receiving data in turn. Data that should be viewed is also often in program form and is displayed to him by way of imagery projected upside down at the backs of his ocular orbs that may be viewed as semi transparent imagery that is right side up in his field of vision. Seriously, think Terminator visual display, but not nearly so old fashioned and 1980's.

Other Random Stuff

Simon owns three weapons (excluding generic weaponry such as generic pointy objects and knifey things).

Glock 23 .40 caliber handgun - This is a very modern and higher tech sort of pistol, and leans into the Heavy Pistol catagory, Simon's +note has those stats to err on the side of caution where those things are concerned. He does not typically carry this weapon with him even though he has a concealed weapon's permit for it, though he may if he feels he needs to. It usually resides in the drawer of the table on his side of the bed along with two extra, loaded, standard sized clips and a cleaning kit. This weapon is maintenanced and cleaned monthly regardless of use and is always kept loaded, though with the chamber empty, and the safety on. Rounds for this gun are standard, no special augmentations, hollow points, or etc.

Ithica M-37 pump action shotgun (12 gauge) - This weapon does not have a shortened barrel (not sawed off), and is kept in the hall closet with its safety mechanisms engaged. It is loaded, allowing it to be used immediately for home defense. There is a spare box of ammo on a shelf in the closet. Simon perfers slugs over pellets for his rounds, this limits the weapon to a single target as opposed to a scattered shot, but allows for better penetration and damage does not degrade with distance. This weapon is maintenanced and cleaned monthly regardless of use, and is always kept loaded. Rounds for this weapon are standard and have no special augmentations.

Scalpel - A gift from himself, this scalpel has a nicely finished wooden case with a soft lining and is absolutely always within Simon's easy reach if not actually in his pocket. The actual scalpel itself looks like an old Victorian era scalpel, but also looks brand spanking new. This item causes aggravated damage and may wound spirits.

Simon's also a fan of body art and has several tattoos, though he's not all that big on piercings, preferring tattoos over big needles, the only piercings he has are a pair of small nipple rings. For tattoos he has…:
An Aquarius water bearer on one hip and a lion on the other, both low enough to be mostly covered by shorts.
A band of lightning around his upper right thigh with a charging bull at the back of the thigh.
A light green colored lily on his left shoulder blade, its petals drawn to look as though they were made from a motherboard, its stem of wrapped wires, its stamen of exposed wires. Black light activated ink has been used to create arcs of lightning between the stamen.
The small of his back is a design depicting the skin having been separated by an I incision with the skin pulled apart and anchored to his back with small black threads, the opening exposing the lower spine and immediately surrounding musculature. The inked in spine is gunmetal gray, the surrounding muscles bundles of various colored wires that over lap the spine or connect to it via small ports.
On the back of his left calf is a complicated runic, ritual circle looking design that could at first be mistaken for something religious or spiritual, but is in fact the symbol used by the cultists in the video game Silent Hill.

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