Name: Seth Avery

Race: Changeling -Nightingale Pooka - Unseelie Grump

Age: 30

Birthday: July 15th (Cancer, Ruby)

Lives at: The Pookery, in a Motley with the other Pooka of the area.

Pets: None, unless you count a bunch of squirrel worshipers or hummingbird minions. He doesn't.

Awesome Bragging Right: The nightingale is the national bird of Iran, and Seth's probably the whitest Irani you'll ever meet.

Allergies: Highly allergic to an absence of liquor.

Theme Song: So what if i never wanna be sober? So what if i wanna be numb all the time? I cant justify why I'd wanna go slower. Taking my time just ain't my style, yeah, I walk dead or alive, I waste my time whenever i like, I'm feelin' ok with my whiskey hangover. - Whiskey Hangover, by Godsmack

General information:

Seth's child life and home life don't really deserve a ton of mention, they were sorta average in the long run. The difference between his early life and other children's was a natural talent for music and acting. Music he was fine with pursuing, but he never enjoyed acting as much as his parents thought he did. He'd throw casting calls and slack off, not bother to learn his lines and so on until people finally stopped trying to make him do it. He did give in and do several commercials though, they were short and didn't dig into his cartoon time too much. He did enjoy theater acting though and was in most of his various schools' plays and a couple of other more community works. Singing was his real joy though, playing instruments his second. His parents set him up with vocal and choir classes throughout most of his young life, as well as a piano course with emphasis on the classical.

While he's fantastic with the piano, he's not great with other instruments, but can figure them out given some time and a little practice. His singing took him away from home about the same time he discovered the joys of drinking and gambling, singing at bars and the like for tips and free drinks. Eventually this lead to bookings at steadily better lounges. It also lead to a lot more drinking and a lot more gambling.

This is his career path of choice, singing in lounges and clubs, playing the piano for dinners and so on. Unfortunately, his drinking problem tends to make him a very bad artist to hire despite his talent; trashing the dressing room and sleeping with the owner's wife tends to not get you invited back. He sometimes begins to run out of viable options for places to earn money because of this, and so he's devised a cunning plan, a plan so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel.

Enter Svetlanna Monsoon, enigmatic songstress. Seth's acting and theater skill pays off very well, he's devised a complete personality to slip into when times are tough. Or boring. Svetlanna has her own tastes, habits, likes and dislikes, her own style of dress and entertaining that are entirely separate from Seth's. She is not a true multiple personality, but some times you really have to wonder just how close to it she really is.

These days Seth sings in the Dallas FW area, Hegemony picked him up like a bad case of fleas in Las Vegas and he ended up following him and Jonquil home, and somehow or another managed to get himself moved in to the Pookery in no time.

He is in fact, at least distantly, an of Iranian decent, but he's hardly what anyone could call "pure blood", his family's been in America for quite a while and have been around the block a few times, so to speak. Enough so that both he and his parents appear to be quite white (not that anyone will ever meet them or his only slightly not quite white looking grand parents).

He's done extensive traveling all over the place and does tend to migrate, but he couldn't for the life of him tell you where, chances are he was too drunk to figure out where he was at the time and then to remember when he finally found out.

Personality Stuff

The inspiration for Seth comes from several different sources, and they may make him easier to understand. He's a bit of Lorne from the television show 'Angel', he's also a bit of Richard Cheese (from the group 'Lounge Against the Machine'), as well as a bit of Bruce Campbell. He loves being around people, loves entertaining others and making his audience feel involved and appriciated, loves being the center of attention as well. He's a smart ass that may or may not "accidentally" screw you over to make his life easier. When working, he does enjoy the classics for singing, but also enjoys turning modern rock and heavy metal, even rap, into lounge worthy songs. He starts his shows pretty buzzed, and tends to end them just shy of shit faced. His affinity is for people, even his changeling magics reflect this, Actor his highest sphere.

Seth smokes, but not habitually, it's more of a social thing, and he tends to buy very expensive and fancy cigarettes, often flavored.
Svetlanna smokes as well, the same kind of cigarettes, the only difference being that she always uses a cigarette holder.

Seth exists in a near constant alcoholic fog, he's rarely ever actually sober, and when he is he tends to experience withdrawal and seeks out liquor to kill the sensations as quickly as possible. Granted, he might not be falling down drunk all the time, but you can guarantee he's been at his flask no matter the time of day. Seth prefers amber liquors, and he's rather picky about the quality of his drinks, spending the extra money to buy a fine brandy or whiskey, he will not touch anything cheap or poly malt unless that's all there is.
Svetlanna prefers clear liquors, specifically favoring a very dry martini with three olives, or a mojito if a martini is not available.

Seth's drinking problem is rivaled only by his gambling problem. He's very good at gambling and knows his way around a deck of cards with his eyes closed, can read tells very well and conceal his own even better, but he chooses illegal high stakes cash games as his addiction fix, and often with dangerous people that wont have a problem beating the money he owes out of him. Gambling, combined with his big mouth opening with the help of liquid courage, is generally the reason he's got near constant bruises or fractures.
Svetlanna prefers verbal bets, card games as well, but that's a bit more rare.

Seth and Svetlanna both own next to nothing. A piano, a few changes of casual and formal clothing each, shoes included, a wig, a little costume jewelry and some makeup, some liquor, a few drawings and a book or two, and a car. That is all. Seth's car is a beige piece of crap Gremlin that's definitely seen better days. Absolutely nothing about his car has been upgraded or properly repaired except for the stereo, of which he has a top of the line model. The kind that can set off car alarms and shake the earth with its bass box, superb sound, amplifiers and surround speakers, all that good stuff.

Seth is a loud mouth and often doesn't bother to think before he speaks, though he's charismatic enough to talk himself out of at least half the troubles he talks himself into in the first place. Usually.
Svetlanna tends to be coy and soft spoken, polite and a little flirty.

Seth is a notorious womanizer, for that matter he's a notorious manizer too, he's never had anything even resembling a steady relationship, unless you count "friends with benefits", and generally has several people that he's seeing at once. These days though, he's feeling his age and isn't quite able to keep up. Also, personal survival instincts say that if he's going to try and woo a crazy mage woman, he should probably not sleep around and give her a reason to blast him into powder.
Svetlanna enjoys playing hard to get and typically has very few, if any, lovers. This is also due to most guys being a bit more than startled when she takes off her dress and turns out to be a guy as well.

Seth dresses in shades of brown with the occasional splash of white or black, his style tending towards well dressed and clean cut. This reflects his animal features as well, as a bird he's feathered in shades of brown and reddish brown with feathers sleek and well combed. He likes swirls, paisleys, and other attractive patterns.
Svetlanna tends towards darker colors, blues, greens, browns and black, solid colors without pattern and a minimum of flash. Her dresses tend to be long and elegant but not revealing, she prefers to have her entire chest covered to the neck modestly, but enjoys a low cut back for comfortable wing movement, and nothing more than a slit to show a little bit of leg. She wears long matching gloves and matching costume jewelry when working, and also dusts her wings with colored chimerical powders.

Seth has a severe suicidal streak, or so it would seem at least. He seems to intentionally go places, do things, and meet people that stand a very good chance of killing him, and he seems to really enjoy this insanity. His idea of escaping certain doom is to fly the wrong way through freeway traffic as fast as he possibly can, and he's a very fast bird indeed.

He also has a certain cannibalistic streak to him as well, his own bird nature making some things just plain funny to him. He enjoys singing and playing at restaurants that specialize in fowl dishes, for instance. He very much enjoys eating other birds, but not just any birds, mostly just the tasty ones. Chicken, duck, pheasant, ostrich, and so on. His favorite food is snake, his second is other fowl, and his third is spiders, preferably tarantula. They have more meat and less crunch.

Seth does not speak any other languages except English, (and Avian), he has no piercings and no tatoos, he also doesn't wear any sort of jewelry.

Currently Seth is chasing after Violet in an attempt to win her affection, and probably to get into her pants. This is sure to get him killed. Or turned into a clockwork dodo.


Gall: You got moxy, kid. Add an extra die to any Social roll requiring backbone. Being a mouthy drunk has its advantages, although on the downside this also tends to get his ass kicked, so it's sort of a flaw too, at times. - From Kinfolk: Unsung Heroes

Soothing Voice: You have an entrancing voice, add 2 dice to rolls that involve vocal charming, (singing, hypnosis, preaching, etc.) or reduce social difficulties by 2. He's never actually put it to work trying to actually soothe others, but he'd be a natural at shooshing a baby. Naturally gained as well as the result of years of (mundane) vocal training.

Daredevil: You love to take risks, and are damn good at living through them. -2 difficulty on dangerous feats, and you can ignore a single 1 on your roll. Directly related to his Dark Fate flaw, Seth takes risks and does stupid things because he's already pretty sure he's going to die a messy and unfortunate death anyway. He's pretty well done hiding from That Feeling, and allows his stupidity/bravery free reign. Hey, if he's going to end up splattered all over the place, he's at least going to have some fun before hand. On the downside, this merit tends to have him rushing headlong towards the result of the Dark Fate flaw.


Compulsion: Seth MUST bet on things, even silly little childish things. I chose this flaw rather than Addiction as it's not so much a physical or mental dependency so much as it is a sort of personality disorder, but it can be treated like Addiction as well, especially for withdrawal purposes. If he cant find something 'normal' to bet on, he will resort to betting a ten year old his lunch money that he'll eat a dozen earth worms.

Dark Fate: You are doomed to suffer a horrible demise, or otherwise have some sort of icky and unpleasant fate. You are aware of this, and it can kinda make you rather depressed… He's had that feeling for a long time. No prophetic dreams or omens, it's just a feeling that he'll have a pretty crazy death, and one learns to trust one's own hunches when being a compulsive gambler. He's stopped being depressed and angsty about that feeling and instead takes a different track, trying to live to the fullest and have as much fun as possible before he kicks the bucket. Of course, this also has him taking stupid risks without thinking. Hey, he's going to end up a fine pink mist anyhow, might as well, right?

Sterile: You are incapable of reproducing. If you are in a society which expects you to have children, such as if you are kinfolk, this is a flaw. You may, however, take this as a merit if you practice a lot of sex magic or something in which being fertile may actually cause more problems for you than not. Being a bird meant to woo and mate, this is frustrating, and not having a few dozen illegitimate human and bird children would actually bother Seth a good deal. After all, he's going to die horribly one day and there wont be another nightingale out there (that he made) able to carry on… whatever. For Seth, this is indeed a flaw, however he is not currently aware of the fact that he's been shooting blanks, being as how he's never bothered to stick around long enough to find out if he knocked anyone up.


Resources 3: Working 5 or 6 nights a week, Seth makes a pretty good wage, with a bonus from sugar daddies and mommas as well as gambling wins. His Resources level should always be considered one dot lower than it appears on his sheet for the purposes of what he can buy or do, one full Resource dot should be considered lost to his gambling habits/repaying debts to bookies.

Fame: Seth's fame is largely due to his success with singing and performing in Vegas, though a bit of it is Bad Reputation fame as well for being a belligerent drunk that occasionally trashes dressing rooms and gets mouthy on stage.

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