Niran Jackson

Name: Niran Jackson

Race: Changeling, Betta Fish Pooka

General information:

Niran is a rock star supermodel. Just ask him. He is also a betta fish pooka. Of course, pwca don't exist, so what do we know.

Niran Jackson is legally wedded California style to Vlad.

He is in a Motley with Jonquil, Brams, Hegemony, Seth, and Vlad. One can usually find him at The Menagerie (a.k.a. the Pookery) or the The Zoo Cafe.

He has just returned from a Princess hunt and ravage of lowling villages in Kafiristan.

His most recent exploit is rescuing Princess Armando Corbett from a dungeon deep.

(This is what Niran would look like if he appeared in a webcomic.)
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