Name: Gwendolyne "Gwen" Vaughn Scarpia

Race: Mage, Verbena.
Themesong: The Great Unknown by Babes With Axes

General information:

Adept Gwion Vaughn O'Donnell, is currently on Chantry Council. He is also styled Priest of Verbena and Speaker for Bear. His boarding house is currently serving as a gathering place for the chantry, though is open to others.

Gwion is legally married to Rhea O'Donnell who currently lives with their daughter Brigid at Birch Branch Chantry. He also considers himself married to Gianni, known as Scarpia.

Early Life

Gwion grew up on a small commune, called Birch Branch, in upstate New York. He spent his childhood running barefoot and often naked through the woods in Summer and making crop circles and mazes in neighboring fields with the other kids from the commune. This made him very unpopular with said farmers. He and his “cousins” were branded hooligans, which added to the tension between the locals and the grown-ups at the Birch Branch collective, as did the children’s tendency to play “pranks” on strip miners and loggers ruining “their woods.”

Gwion had a natural affinity for nature and it’s cycles as befits someone raised by Druidic environmentalists. He also had a deep love of painting and Art in general. Raised in a supportive environment he was allowed to paint murals of fantastic landscapes in the house and has experimented with a variety of media such as fresco, silk screen, sculpture, carving, and collage. His main interest was in drawing and painting, though. His interests and aptitudes tended to be wide, not deep, and his love of painting and drawing tended to divide his focus. His identity as a painter is central to his understanding of himself and magic. Eventually, he went to art school. After he graduated, his family felt it would be best for him to experience the larger world, in the hope that this would help him mature and find his own direction, instead of drifting along wherever life took him.

Bar Harbor

He drifted along the various coastal towns of New England, mostly because he heard the landscape was nice and he might be able to paint tourists for money. He ended up supplementing this with doing chalk art on the pavements. This was how he met Valentine and Why, who took a liking to him and invited them into their troop mostly for set design, and to play the occasional walk on. They headed North towards in the psychedelic tour bus. This was his first close contact with Mages outside of the sheltered community of Birch Branch. It was about this time that Gwion got word that his paternal Grandfather had died. Gwion’s father offered him a decrepit theater as his share of the inheritance. The troop loved this idea and they all decided to move there and live in the theater while they fixed it up.

Gwion identifies strongly with the Totem Bear and has been accepted by her after a year of striving to be worthy of her. He tries very hard to fulfill the dual role of healer/nurturer and protector of those who can’t protect themselves. As part of an attempt to win Bear’s favor, he tried to refurbish a Children’s Hospital. He enlisted the theater troupe, including his cabal mates Valentine and Phoenix in doing performances and craft projects with the children. In the course of this, he encountered a Bane that was feeding on the misery and pain of the children, infecting everything with taint and misery. He led his cabal to fight it, but when he came back with a Shifter pack to cleanse the Umbral taint, they’d discovered the technocrats had moved in. Since he was responsible for the hospital and was popular with a number of the more moderate Shifters, including the Garou’s liaison to the Mages and the prominent Fera leaders, he did a lion’s share of the diplomacy to get their help to fight the 20+ hitmarks, borgs, and weaver spirits infesting the hospital. He was allowed to go on the Umbral part of the raid with the Shifters to help coordinate the Umbral and Tellurian attacks via mind link. Eventually, he became the permanent assistant liaison to the Shifters and would report tainted areas to them. He also served at various time as assistant diplomatic liason for the Chantry, Verbena Rep to the Chantry Council, and Chantry Priest.

Eli was once an Acolyte in their cabal, before he Awoke. Gwion, along with Rhea and Phoenix, tried to train and orient Felix, who was also an acolyte in their cabal. He is patient though slap dash teacher, taking advantage of teachable moments and demonstration where possible. He takes ethics very seriously and feels it is the duty of those raised in the Traditions to pass on mage culture and beliefs.


Gwion and his wife, Rhea, took his the patient Scarpia and headed South to be with Felix, whom they felt responsible for and were deeply worried about after Felix’s troubles with Ricardo in Vegas. Eli and Phoenix, both of whom were Cabal mates had also relocated to Dallas, so it felt like the right decision. They opened a boarding house together, with her continuing as a midwife and him pursuing his art and tending house.

Gwion and Rhea did eventually find a cure for Gianni with the help of the Toymaker's Grimoire. He currently plans to try the cure on some new patients.

She currently lives at the boardinghouse with Scarpia, Violet, Erzabet, Christoff, Artemus, Hu, three nameless koi, and the three cats: Talisman, Rainbow, and Tyche.

After a recent bout of Quiet Gwendolyne for reasons of mental health. She plays to make the change long term. This has lead to an amicable separation with her wife. She is not legally married to scarpia, but considers him her husband.

(this is what Gwion would look like if he appeared in a webcomic)
28881PCN_Benefit02-thumb-420x683.jpg Gwendolyne looks rather like this, only 6' tall and insanely muscular and well endowed.
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