Name: Edgar Allen “Ed” Poldowski

Race: Homid Corax

General information:

Ed is a specialist at retrieving things. He likes shiny things especially. An expert at the classic crime intelligence gathering technique of “Breaking And Entering,” so if there is something in a vault, behind a security system, Ed is your bird.


This is the basic background narrative for Ed, sketching the path he took to get from there to here.


Ed is the child of Rosen E. Poldowski, a welder and Silver Fang kin, and Mary Redhawk. Rosen's grandparents immigrated from Poland after WW-I to join a cousin who had by then grown to own his own butcher's shop in Brooklyn. Mary is a member of the Mohawk Nation, the descendant of three generations of steel-workers. Mary's father, Joseph, was the foreman on the welding crew that Rosen worked on. The two met at a shop party and one thing led to another, eventually producing Edgar Allen. Rosen & Mary were approached by one of the Mohawk elders just after Edgar was born, offering to form a Spirit Egg for their child. They agreed and they knew then just what to name him.

Ed was brought up with his Mohawk relatives near NYC. He was a strange child but one with a knack for making things work. He taught himself how to repair bicycles and build go-karts out of old lawnmower engines by the time he was ten. His dad taught him welding and before he was in Junior High he'd read books on locksmithing and could open nearly anything.

The Mohawk are famous for their fearlessness, earning them employment as steel-workers on the highrises of New York. Little Ed showed that trait. At school, they had put up a climbing wall and he attacked it with zeal, by high-school he was even climbing competitively.

His first change was the result of an accident… he was 16 and climbing a tree to recover a remote-control airplane for a friend when a limb broke and gave way… he turned into a raven in mid air and, while unable to fly on his unfamiliar wings, they slowed the fall and saved him from serious injury, even if it did knock him briefly unconcious. He came to in the back of his father's truck, being driven to see the elder who had made the Spirit Egg and apprenticed.


Learning to fly for Ed was not the usual matter it might be. He had no fear of heights or falling, the problem was more or keeping him from getting beyong his abilities, but being an athlete he learned fast. His talents and skills were focussed and brodened, making him into a specialist in retrieving items. He's learned how to crack safes, disable or bypass security systems and a number of other useful skills in spy work.

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