Name: Corey Sumner (Kirk Harrison)

Race: Cult of Ecstasy Mage (in training)

General information:

A long time ago, in a Hollywood far, far away, Kirk Harrison was a child/teen star. His most famous role was that of Corey Sumner on a long-running TV show called Family Pains, though he also starred in several TV movies and a few theatrical films as well. One day in 1987, as he was driving his father's Delorean (without permission and without a license), he was chased by the LAPD.

Reminded of the chase early in Back to the Future, where Marty escapes the terrorists by traveling through time, Corey suddenly Awakened, and he and the Delorean were thrust forward in time and space, ending up in a park in Dallas in the year 2008. Taking the name of his old TV character, he became Corey full-time.

Hu Mansfield became his mentor, and Randy McNeil is like a brother to him (though currently, Randi is a girl, so she's more of a sister). They live in the boarding house with Gwen and Violet. Corey attends high school with Randi, where he's the star of the drama club and glee club. He recently started seeing fellow student Josh Rosenberg, a very shy reporter for the school paper.

In January, 2011, Josh fell through a rift in the space-time continuum, and Corey, Hu, Randi, and Violet went searching for him in an Ethership.

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