Name: Anton Yves LeChevre, Esq. MD (OB/GYN)

Race: Sunshine Satyr Wilder

General information:

Anton has a job with the medical co-op that provides medical services through the Student Health Offices at UT Arlington and some other local universities and clinics on a rotation basis.

You may also see him around, busking on the streets in shabby clothes…

He is a naturally talented musician, playing several instruments and possessing a broad and expressive singing voice. While his technique can be a bit sloppy and almost amateurish at times, his magical performances move audiences in ways that technical perfection simply cannot.

Sadly, he is a better minstrel than physician.

If the issue of his promotion to Squire from mere commoner is investigated, it was a reward from a Count in Chicago for a particularly stirring performance. If investigated deeper… please contact him.

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