Roxanne Leigh Fitzwilliam appears to be a pretty princess who always dresses in pink. At ten years old, with cute copper curls, huge blue eyes, a porcelein complexion and sweet, doll-like features she looks as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. She has an idyllic life: the only child of two fabulously rich lawyers, she's spoilt rotten. She only has to ask and her parents will shower her with any gift she wants. At the private school she attends she's one of the popular girls, pretty and rich with a gaggle of friends and hangers on, and utterly ruthless (a trait she picked up from her parents) to anyone who dares cross her.

Rox, on the other hand, is her alter-ego; when the constraints of civilised life get too much for her, she just runs off to the bad side of town and lets everything go wild. Rox is a mean, tough bully of a redcap childling who has her own gang of juvenile delinquents, all of whom are preteens. They cause havoc wherever they can, leaving a trail of destruction and disaster in their wake and showing absolutely no respect for authority or anything else. She's yet to be caught and no one else is aware of her double life.

Whilst driving home Vlad was set upon by a gang of pre-teen tearaways lead by a redcap childling, Rox. On seeing the abused puppy by her side he stole it away, facing up against the children's wrath. Rox has sworn revenge upon him and intends to follow through with that. The puppy, Scampers, is now staying at the pooka house.

Dylan and Vlad encountered Rox a second time, when she had a magic flute which she was using to pipe up rats in order to infest the Zoo Cafe. They managed to put a stop to that and, strangely, she seems to have taken a liking to Dylan.

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