Professor Plum

Professor Plum is not actually his real name. He is Paul Platt but no one calls him that. He is a socially challenged, very English, middle-aged Etherite who much prefers books to people. He lacks any degree of creativity, which is admittedly unusual as an etherite and has yet to invent anything of his own. He prefers his books and research, poring over others ideas is something he finds utterly fascinating.

A number of the Ethernauts were absolutely stunned when Galatea politely rejected their propositions and chose Professor Plum as her 'captain' (he's not actually in charge but most people prefer the idea of a human in charge as opposed to the vessel). Professor Plum was rather notorious for being unadventurous, somewhat dull and the idea of him travelling all over the universe was laughable.

His photographic memory, coupled with his natural aptitude for following instructions meticulously without veering off into wild tangents is one of the aspects that Galatea likes best about him. He's fully capable of carrying out most necessary repairs without trying to improve things she doesn't want improved.

He has actually enjoyed his voyages. There's a great deal of books out there for him to take back, sort through and decide what will better society and what is best left unread.

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