Percival Graves, known affectionately as Percy, is the personal manservant of Lord Gavin Meredith. A British citizen and native of Wales, Percy’s family has been serving the Merediths for generations, and Percy first became Gavin’s valet when the young Marquess was 14. He is terribly efficient at his job and often acts as Dylan’s chaperone on his little adventures.

Percy is also aware Kinain with a talent for seeing both ordinary and chimerical things. He is rather respectful of the Fae, though he tends to treat Commoners in much the same way Gavin does: as inferiors. It’s strange to watch sometimes, as he serves a Commoner with an air of superiority about him.

Percy is training his nephew, Robin Graves.

Though he doesn't show it openly, Percy is rather fond of the Pooka, particularly Jonquil.

This is how Percy would look if he appeared in a webcomic (and had elf-ears).
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