Joshua Rosenberg



Josh's father, Jared Rosenberg, runs a small chain of men's clothing stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Josh has an older brother, Ezra, and a younger sister, Sarah. Their mother, Lois, is a housewife. The family lives in Arlington, in the same general area as Gavin and Dylan Meredith.

Josh is 16, a junior in high school and a reporter/columnist on the school's paper. He also delivers the Dallas Morning News before school every day. He is good friends with fellow reporter Timo.

Josh is Corey's boyfriend, though he's still rather closeted. Though he's very intelligent (most would say nerdy) and inquisitive, he's also shy, and Corey manages to keep him distracted from the highly odd things that tend to happen at the boarding house.

Rifts: Near the end of January, 2011, Josh vanished through a rift in the space-time continuum. Corey, Hu, Randi, and Violet have been searching for him in an Ethership.

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