Galatea is a sentient Ethership, capable of travelling through space and time to alternative dimensions.

In her ship form she is the Ethership equivalent of a luxury yacht, created purely as a pleasure vessel. Her exterior is gleaming bronze with no noticable weapons and no ports/windows outside. The only weapon capability she has shown, so far, is the ability to emit a piercing noise that deafens and disorients those it's directed at.

She has limited outside sensors that can read the atmosphere's suitability and give visual scans of the immediate vicinity of the ship. She is equipped with a cloaking device which allows her to land and remain unnoticed it's a 'don't notice me' effect as opposed to true invisibility. She is also capable of scrambling any electronic attempts to detect her presence. She can perform more indepth scans of the world, tapping into any communications systems, but this take hours to accomplish.

Inside is quite unlike any sort of spaceship at all. Where the ship itself can be seen it's bronze, all warm shades, nothing cold and clinical at all about it, the furnishings having a Victorian flair to them. There are elegant rugs on the floor of all things and little homely touches everywhere.

Rooms of Note

  • A functional kitchen, in which Galatea does all the cooking.
  • A dining room for casual socialising and the drinking of tea.
  • A lounge, which is warmly furnished with clocks on the walls, a variety of board and card games, comfortable chairs for the partaking of tea, a number of book shelves.
  • The library. One of the storage bays has been transformed into an extensive library consisting of books taken from the worlds in which Professor Plum has travelled.
  • Professor Plum's luxury bedroom.
  • The wardrobe. Galatea is a clothes horse and she absolutely loves wearing clothing on her humanoid form. She has a huge collection of outfits.
  • The bunkrooms. The bedrooms which the passengers have been offered are rather cosy but comfortable consisting of 2 sets of bunk beds.
  • The Engine Room is strictly no access. There's a sign on the door that says as much.
  • The Control Room is very steampunkish in look (although with no actual visible steam) full of clockwork cogs, whirling dials and flashing buttons. There are a number of chairs in the room with belts and buckles to secure travellers.

Galatea's humanoid form is that of a stunning golden lady with an extremely curvaceous body and copper hair. While the form is extremely sturdy and strong and she moves with a fluid grace she lacks a certain degree of flexibility, which limits her manual dexterity and her facial expressions. She loves wearing costumes. b5ee393.png

Galatea agreed to transport Corey, Hu, Randi and Violet and Doctor Destiny in exchange for a lot of clothes and a second body. Ideally she wants a body that can actually leave the vessel which her current one cannot.

She is not actually from this world. The official Sons of Ether records state that a minor malfunction in her systems caused her to leave a world without her creator, a man she referred to as Pig-Malion. She has since made an arrangement with Professor Plum. He is not the captain of the vessel, however, he has read all of her instruction manuals and is capable of carrying out any repairs that she herself is unable to. He amuses her and she is as interested in the knowledge he acquires from other worlds as he is.

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