FuzzyWuzzy is a ridiculously cute chimera who is something like a combination between a teddybear and an elephant. Four foot tall he looks every bit like a huge toy come to life. He's covered in the softest, fuzziest purple-blue fur, has a delightfully squishable fat belly, short stumpy limbs and useless little wings on his back. His trunk's long and dextrous which he uses to pick things up instead of his arms which aren't all that maneuverable. A dangly lion's tail with a tuft at the end completes his look.

FuzzyWuzzy's main power is the ability to suck up pretty much anything in his trunk and then blast it out. So far he's done this to mud and covered Vlad, and air which inflated his belly and allowed him to float away. He's more like a balloon when filled with air and able to clumsily steer with his wings but without a wind he can't move very fast.

FuzzyWuzzy has no conscience, and in having no idea of the difference between right and wrong he usually chooses wrong. He speaks in an annoyingly high-pitched voice, interspersed with crazed giggling, talks in gibberish, bad rhymes and usually very childish insults. Whilst he isn't evil as such he just finds doing bad things and annoying people far, far more fun than being good.

FuzzyWuzzy started off life as the inanimate toy of a child. When the child chrysalised FuzzyWuzzy found himself transformed into a chimerical companion. They went everywhere together and had all sorts of fun adventures only one day the child grew up, found romance and friends of their own age and FuzzyWuzzy was cast aside, lost and forgotten. Abandoned and bored FuzzyWuzzy has no idea where his best-friend is now and so makes do with finding his own entertainments. There's a certain part of him that wants to get revenge on all the nasty changelings for abandoning him and since there's no part of him that says this is wrong, revenge is usually what he does. He has such a short attention span and bad memory though that he's likely to be nothing more than a nuisance.

So far FuzzyWuzzy was first discovered on the top of a roof smashing eggs from a nest on the ground. Hegemony, Brams and Niran dashed in to save the day and the one remaining egg (which hatched into Oboe and Clarinet). FuzzyWuzzy was tied up, tail to trunk and left on the roof. Once he escaped FuzzyWuzzy tracked down the pooka house, made a mud-pit out of the front garden and blasted Phoenix and Vlad with mud before running off.

If anyone wants to use FuzzyWuzzy to spice up a scene, or add some chaos then feel free to or if you want to do some investigating about him let Jonquil know oocly.

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