Darian is a Cult of Ecstasy mage in his late 30s. He's a pacifist, extremely moral, and an active force in trying to fix all that is wrong in the world. He is somewhat controversial in his willingness to use mind to prevent people from committing further crimes. He's also a journalist.

When Hu was 16 he fell into a river and drowned even as he Awakened. By a sheer twist of fate Darian was able to sense the Awakening. Whether it was the mage's influence or Hu's awakening that saved his life is uncertain. Darian certainly saved Hu's sanity. Hu was undoubtedly the most troubling of his students, the most infuriating, the most difficult to deal with. He was forever doing stupid, impulsive things and almost getting himself killed. It was only after his last stunt that Darian refused to heal him and tried to force him to realise that his actions have consequences.

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