Agnessa and Red Ethel

Agnessa is a boggan grump seamstress of great renown. She's most known for her ability to knit chainmail and make fashionable light-weight but durable chimerical armour with techniques more suitable to a tailor than a blacksmith. After a lifetime of bowing and scraping to the demands of her customers, making items for those who didn't fully appreciate her craftsmanship she just upped and vanished, leaving behind a whole pile of unfinished commissions. She now lives in a house in the middle of nowhere and only makes what she wants to. She looks every bit like the stereotypical kindly grandmother, being small, dumpy and with wispy white hair and a walking stick. Her house is full of clutter, brimming with nicknacks and a multitude of cats. Her cooking is terrible.

Red Ethel
Red Ethel is a Nocker grump who is far better with plants than she is with people. She used to be a warrior but retired in order to tend her gardens. She's got exquisite skill in crafting plants, cajoling them to grow into weapons and the most unusual armour. It's probably easier to sell snow to the eskimos than to persuade her to actually part with any of her creations. She's a tall, well-muscled, sharp-featured warrior woman with a dandelion puff of white-hair. She dresses either in overalls with a belt full of garden tools, or in a strange living armour made of thorned vines that twine all over her body. She's grumpy, rude and doesn't seem to like most people.

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