The Trinity river that winds through the Metroplex is a symbol to some of progress and development. It is the mother of the great cities that rose from its shores. The same river speaks to others of urban blight and corruption as the cities swallow it up, blacken its waters, and pollute its banks. It is all of those things in on, like its namesake, and a part of the constant bickering and power-plays that make up the modern society that sprang up around it.

Behind the scenes, there has always been a greater force at work. Onto the soil of the pure earth, there came the creatures of legend, and when the rail road finally steamed its way into the region, so came he Vampire, the Garou, the Magi and the Folk - increasing with every passenger car, it seemed. They found three cities growing more every day. Dallas, the city of commerce, which never really sleeps and can be more ively at midnight than noon. Fort Worth, the cowtown, with its grain silos and encroaching wilderness. And Arlington, nestled between them, home to pockets of glamour and strange legend, small, but affecting more than its neighbors would guess. And, bridging them are sewers underneath, the airport that is most that all see to the north, and, on the other side, the earthbound points of a shadowy horizon realm that few would ever guess at.

The Keeper of the Trinity will be decided some day. The great powers that rest behind the scenes, constantly striving for control, will one day choose a victor from among them and so shall the three be united as one. Yet, in a world so complex, there are no simple answers. None so simple as yes or no, black or white, truth or fiction. For centuries they have all grasped for control, losing and regaining it again and again, and still no clear victory has ever been scored since the beginnings of civilization struck hold.

Welcome to Keeper of the Trinity. You participate in its destiny. You help write the future and create history. You play the parts that once were played by the powerful figures of the past. Inside these cities, Dallas - Fort Worth - Arlington, there are secrets hidden that even the oldest do not yet understand. Myths unknown to human kind are told among the shadows and around the campfires - secrets are not being told and those that hold them refuse to share for fear of their lives being torn from them.

In this world you will play the parts that lead toward the end. One way or the other, all things end. Mysteries will unfold and unravel, myths will become realities, and those who hold the cards will play the games of their ancestors and those who came before them.

Who will be the Keeper?

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