On Keeper of the Trinity, we plan to create an atmosphere where people can never know what is behind the next corner or what forces may be at play. That said, we still reserve the right to pick and choose what is allowed on the IC grid. Just because there are Kiasyd and Nephandi in the game doesn't necessarily mean you're ever going to meet or play one. It also doesn't mean you wont. Got an idea? Pitch it to us. If you don't see an Admin that seems to fit the bill, ask a Staffer, if they don't know, mail a Wizard. It never hurts to ask.


Changelings are fully supported and we welcome your application.

Please feel free to contact staff by +request with any questions, or use the 'Query' com-channel.


Mages have become something of a staple in the World of Darkness. They are supported here and applications are welcome for most Traditions. We do not, at this time, plan to support a full Technocracy or Nephandi organization or sphere.

Please read through the following data before applying for a Mage character and consider the information provided as it may affect what you choose.


Familiars are not PCs. No PC may act as a familiar to any other PC. We ask that you politely do not request to play an animal, a spirit, or a "bygone" to be a mage's familiar and instead consider applying for a mage yourself or for a Consor/Apprentice to play with the Mage in question.

Those who take familiars as a matter of background will be allowed a familiar that they will personally pose as part of their roleplay, be it an AI computer for a Virtual Adept, a Verbena's owl, or any other sort of familiar. We highly encourage this sort of character device, in fact, as it lends a more unique flavor to each Mage character.


The Nephandi are a brutal group of Magi. They are among the worshipers or dark gods, infernalists, and wyrm tainted. They serve a deadly purpose and seek horrible conclusions. That said, the Nephandi are very powerful where Mages are concerned simply for their lack of care in who may live and who may die - a mage without some leash to keep him from going wild with his powers is the most dangerous of all PC types.

As such, Nephandi are not a supported class of PCs. This does not mean that Nephani PCs will not exist, however, we will only accept a few, if any, and they will be required to have backgrounds and character concepts that do not lend toward twinkism and combat. Please ensure that your concept matches this before considering application.


Orphans are a fact of life in the Mage sphere. They should not, however, be as common among Mages as they seem to have become. This being the case, Orphans will be few and far between here; instead we encourage those who wish to play Orphans to consider adjusting their concept to fit the Hollow One mentality so that they may better be a part of the Traditions and sphere related roleplay.

Orphan applications will be looked at in much the same way that Technocracy and Nephandi are viewed: They are not supported groups, but will occasionally be considered if an application surfaces that meets a very high standard.


The following items are 'taboo' where it concerns Mage applications. Before applying for a character with any of the following, be absolutely sure that you are ready for rejection - as it requires a great deal of creativity to impress us to the point of allowing such things.

Qlippothic Spheres, Marauders, Crafts (Hollow Ones are a Tradition, not a craft), Bygone Bestiary, Dragons of the East, and PC Familiars.


The Technocracy is not a fully supported sphere at this time and there are currently no plans to make it such. It is our view that the Technocracy is simply too powerful and broad-reaching to be effective as a PC organization without being too overpowering to the other groups present in the game. Such things as MADAR are very real and very present in the DFW area and the Technocracy is very aware of preternatural goings on. They are ever watchful and, most often, a plot device for those who push the limits of good taste in public to draw far too much attention to themselves.

This is not to say that Technocracy ties are unwelcome. A Manchurian Candidate, technosorcerers, and the like are welcome to apply; our focus simply is not upon the Technocracy as a PC sphere and we will not be having Men in Black, etc, as PCs in the foreseeable future.


Tradition mages of all kinds are welcome to apply, however, the DFW area does have a greater focus on Celestial Chorus, Hermetic, and Hollower learning styles. Numerous universities, especially those with religious foundations, call the DFW Metroplex home, including Texas Christian University, Southern Methodist University, Dallas Theological Seminary, Dallas Baptist University, and Texas Wesleyan University. So too does Dallas have a thriving night life and subculture with gothic roots, not to mention its heavy Vampiric population and, as its often called by some Magi in the know among the Hermetics, an infestation of Tremere.

All of the common Traditions are welcome to apply, though we do suggest at least some form of contact or friendship among the primary three Traditions who have called Dallas their home. A university background is not required, though some ties to the local community are always welcomed, the above listings are simply meant to show the influence of the Celestial Chorus on DFW's history.


Mortal+ characters, defined as "mortals with abilities and/or knowledge beyond the normal not fitting into another super category" are certainly supported and open for application. These characters may include psychics, sorcerers, ghouls, consors, apprentices, kinfolk, kinain, members of secret societies (such as hunters, Inquisition, and Arcanum), etc. With this category there is a virtually limitless amount of possibility.

The following files should help you get a feel for what we are willing to accept and what we are looking for where it concerns mortal+ type characters.


Firstly, it should be noted that very few, if any, "Hunters" will be approved. That is, those persons who are designed to kill supernatural creatures and their ilk. Normally, applications for "Hunters" will be of the information variety, though members of the Inquisition, based from the Church and the like, will also be considered.

Any hunter will automatically be marked as a Mortal+. This is primarily because hunters wield a certain power that an average "Plain Jane" mortal does not - they know of the existence of, and how to kill usually, supernatural creatures. Even if the Hunter is a standard-statted mortal with no supernatural abilities of his own, he will still be marked as a Mortal+.

Any approved hunter will be required to provide reports to Staff of his activities, his motivations as the game progresses, and of his choices concerning any supernatural he meets in the game. These reports must be submitted to staff but can be in the form of OOC reports or IC reports to contacts, so long as the details are all filled in.

Hunters will not be given 'free reign' to slaughter at will. Nor will they be allowed to stalk and kill PCs normally, however, NPCs are always open targets so long as it is fitting to the Hunter's ongoing plots and knowledge.


Mortal+ characters can be part of many spheres. Some are obvious: Ghouls belong to the Vampire sphere, Consors belong to the Mage sphere, Kinfolk belong to the Shifter sphere, Kinain belong to the Changeling sphere, etc. Very many Mortal+ type characters, however, would seem to belong to no sphere at all or are in a gray area with multiple spheres. For example, a sorcerer who is Kinfolk would appear to be part of the Mage sphere and the Shifter sphere. While we discourage this type of "Cross sphere" character (see 'news rules cross-sphere'), we know that at times the concepts will be workable and approved or that such things can develop as part of roleplay.

In cases where the Mortal+ character's sphere is unclear or gray, the character will be treated like a normal mortal (eg, handled by any staffer) or will be handled by the Wizards directly if a solution cannot be reached.


The real taboo among mortal+ concepts is cross-sphere character concepts. Kinfolk ghouls, kinain consors, kinfolk sorcerers with fae blood, etc, are concepts that should be avoided at all costs as the likelihood of their approval is slim. Mingling abilities is certainly going to happen, however, but mingling spheres can be avoided (kinfolk can be sorcerers without being part of the mage sphere, etc).

There are no books which are directly forbidden for Mortal+ to draw from.


Yes, mortals are supported in every way shape and form. In fact, there are benefits to playing a mortal beyond the obvious 'having no racial flaws and enemies' benefits. We are far more open to blurring the 'freebies spent' lines on mortals with good concepts and backgrounds; we are far more open to allowing mortals to take on important roles with political power, monetary clout, and overall influence; we are far more open to allow those who have an active mortal alts to apply for 'advanced' super alts as well.

Mortals are not just the meat of the game, they're the heart. Without a good crop of mortals active in the game, the game suffers greatly in innumerable ways. We ask everyone to consider a mortal if not as their primary character than as an alt to help breath the RP monotony not only for themselves but for everyone else.

Please feel free to pitch -any- mortal concept to staff. All staff are capable of handling mortal applications by design, to provide mortals with a constant set of staff available to them.


We have chosen not to place a large focus on Garou as part of the shifter sphere of our game. This is not to say that Garou are not welcome, we simply are not focusing on them as the primary part of the Shifter sphere.

Glasswalkers, Bone Gnawers, and Uktena are the primary applicants that will be considered as playable Garou, though as stated elsewhere — you are at all times encouraged to pitch any idea that you feel is unique, enjoyable, and fitting to our game and theme.

The primary focus of our Shifter sphere will be Fera. Primary among them will be Ratkin, Nuwisha, and Bastet. The Coyote and the Rat are particularly plentiful in this portion of Texas and, as such, will enjoy fruitful populations and control of the City of Fort Worth which was, for the most part, left to their control due to the spread of the Weaver and the Wyrm and the heavy losses suffered by the Garou. Bagheera and Pumonica Bastet are the most plentiful type of Bastet locally.

Among those types of shifters that may be considered "Taboo" are Gurahl, Rokea, and Mokole. These types of animals are simply not found anywhere in this region and the appearance of such would cause major ripples that would create great hazards to the Shifter population.


The Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) landscape is a mass of weaver construction and wyrm corruption. Most of Gaia's children find it difficult to exist within the boundries, but some are capable of surviving or even of carving out their own niche in the midst of it all. The most adept at this join the Glasswalkers and Bone Gnawers as the remainder of Gaia's forces against the ever present Wyrm.

We have chosen to focus our game on the Fera as well as the Garou, allowing for the Ratkin to have a strong pack and a strong hand in the city of Fort Worth as well as for the Bastet to lay a certain amount of claim to its history as its nickname, Panther Town, would suggest. The Nuwisha are also among the more common breeds to travel the area, their ancestoral homelands invaded by the Wyrm and paved over with concrete, steel, and glass — more than one is known to call the area home.

Certain other Fera will also be considered on a case by case basis, assuming their concepts work well with the history of the city, the current state of the game, and other such considerations. As always, any suggestion is welcome.


The Garou of Fort Worth were once extremely strong. They were the real power of the area, controlling vast economic empires and carrying a lordly rod that spread their power around the country. They were among the "Meat Masters" that controlled the Armour and Swift packing plants that slaughtered and processed meat for the majority of the United States in their time; they were the cowboys who drove the armies of cattle along the Chisholm Trail; and even before the founding of the cities, they were the real keepers of the Trinity — masters of their domain.

Those times have come and gone. The Stockyards is no longer anything more than a tourist trap. The Weaver has spread its seed across more than two-hundred square miles of land, and the Wyrm has moved into place as the real power that guides the city. The great packs from the days of the Caddo Indians are gone. The Elders are old and withered. Only a handful of the most brave, or foolish, dare to live in the region since the fall of the Caern to the Wyrm in 1960s.

Some blame the Vampires; their blight has spread through the city like a plaque, its origins in the city of Dallas. Others blame the Fera, as it all seemed to start when some Panther roamed through town and lay about the city square as if it were claiming ownership. Some blame the old ones for their failures, but their plans never seem to come to fruition either… and the land remains under the sway of the others.

Acceptable Garou Tribes are Glasswalker, Bone Gnawer, and Uktena. However, there will be no major support for a large pack or a Sept within the city. In character, most don't even know that a Caern ever existed around Fort Worth — assuming that the northern Caern located outside of Bonham (2 hours north) is the only one nearby.


While we have an open policy on allowing anyone to make any suggestion of a concept they wish to play, there are some things that are more taboo than others. Listed here are those things that almost immediately be denied, for one reason or another. You are still welcome to offer up your idea, but you should make sure you have a very -detailed- reasoning behind it and a very good explanation of what makes it different and why it should even be considered. This is fore-warning.

The following things are 'taboo' where it concerns Shifters:

Rank 4 and Rank 5 PCs (inclusive of all Fera as well), Kinfolk with gifts, Abominations, Gurahl, Rokea, Mokole, Camazotz, Hakken, Apis, and rare and extinct tribes (Bunyip, White Howler, etc).


The Umbra, rather than being treated like some secondary system where Shifters can hang out and RP as if it were some sort of grid, is instead treated as a very useful plot device and tool here. The Umbra is not simply a second grid for you to walk around on, it's a place of beauty and danger that shape shifters (as well as some other supernatural creatures) often travel in search of any number of things from glory to answers.

As we have chosen to take this approach to the Umbra, no "umbra desc" is ever required on a room nor on a person. Instead, there are plot rooms available for RP in the Umbra and those persons who wish to travel in the Umbra may do so as it was meant to be done - as an adventure. Such is not to say that you must always have a member of staff present, indeed it is often entertaining for players to simply RP this activity and it is encouraged so long as nothing 'staff necessary' is required (eg, learning gifts from spirits, tracking down information through spirit contacts, going into the deep umbra, etc).

Please feel free to take any questions to Staff.


The Wyrm is a constant presence in DFW. Be it in the form of hostile spirits, blighted landscapes, or long present evils that lurk out of sight, the darkness of the wyrm is there and growing more powerful with every passing day. Once upon a time, the Garou dominated the area. Once upon a time, there was a force standing against it all and every sign of corruption was destroyed before it could take root. Those times are gone. A very old thing festered and lingered through the years of Garou power until it finally blossomed and forced the once proud creatures from their land en masse.

We will be supporting Wyrm players and accepting applications to that group; however, our focus is on corruption, darkness, and the wicked. Formori and their ilk will be primarily considered as well as Black Spiral kinfolk. Those things which most easily pass among the crowds as normal people are primarily the applications we will be looking for where it concerns the Wyrm.


Vampires are, of course, a World of Darkness' oldest and most common supernatural beings. They are, of course, supported. Contained in the following files are some basic information concerning Vampires as they are used here. Before applying for a Vampire, or related, concept, we encourage you to first read through all of the information provided.


The Camarilla is a fully supported organization within our game. The Camarilla, in fact, has one of the strongest footholds in all of North American in the city of Dallas. It is in this city that the Tremere house a massive Chantry like thos of old Europe and in this city that the battlefront against the Sabbat of Mexico is held. Princes, Primogen, and all other positions are possible; power plays and politicing is encouraged.

The City of Dallas is corrupt from the ground up. From as low as the school board all the way up to the Mayor, the city is notorious for its bribery, scandal, and power-grabs. Vampires, of course, are right at home — and likely responsible.

The Camarilla first established its foothold in Dallas in the year 1856, just as the town was incorporated. At first the Kindred population was small, mostly made up of Ventrue and Gangrel, but soon came the Tremere and, with them, the foundation for a lasting fortress of Camarilla power, for the Tremere that arrived was none other than Meerlinda herself, co-author of the Traditions and signator to the very treaties that made the Camarilla possible.

With the arrival of the railroad the Vampires of the Camarilla began to multiply in number. Dallas quickly grew into a sizeable population and, with it, the darker side settled into unseen control. Many families have, for generations, been controlled or manipulated by members of the Camarilla, most without their knowledge. Corporations and industries have been drawn into Dallas by the most influencial, and an unseen war has gone on through it all.

From the south came the Sabbat, flowing up from San Antonio, Austin and Mexico City, they have tried and tried again to establish a foothold in Fort Worth and the South Dallas suburb of Oak Cliff, only to find themselves thrown back by the full force of the Tremere and the other minions of the Camarilla.

Looking west, the Camarilla also has to contend with the threat of the Shifter population. Fort Worth was once a sparkling gem in the crown of the Prince of Dallas, but that prize was long ago snatched away by the Garou packs and the Bastet that gave the city its nickname - Panther City, a term coined by the reigning Prince when his entire lot of Childer were destroyed in a single night.

And then there is Arlington. That city that has stolen riches from the Camarilla time and time ago. The Randol Mill lumber plant, Six Flags over Texas, the Texas Rangers baseball team, and even the Dallas Cowboys football team have all turned their sights to Arlington instead… lured in by grand promises that even the Ventrue cannot match. Long have there been speculations that Arlington is the home of powerful Magi, though the Tremere deny it. Who it is that controls the city, forcing the Kindred out at every turn, remains a mystery.


Those Kindred who have chosen to remain independent of the Camarilla and the Sabbat have often found a hard road ahead of them within the City of Dallas. However, Fort Worth, for all the danger inherit with the presence of shape shifters, and even Arlington, despite its mysteries, have been found to be welcoming homes to those careful enough to keep a low profile and mind their manners. For many years Kindred have come and gone from the Metroplex, especially in the modern era. Caitiff and Gangrel have wandered in and out, and even those of the 'more regal' clans have been able to distance themselves from the control of others by situating their havens carefully within the stomping grounds of the other supernatural creatures — with its focus on the Sabbat, the Camarilla is happy to turn a blind eye to those who do not wish to kill them, and, in doing so, they luckily keep the Sabbat population down — making it less likely for the Independents of the world to become new recruits.


Dallas went without a presence for too long. Far too long. During a time when forces were distracted elsewhere securing Mexico City and the entirity of Latin America, the Camarilla not only managed to secure Dallas as its own, but also managed to get such a firmly planted foot that a true enemy, the Methuselah Meerlinda managed to slip in unscathed. Its no joke, she's there — and the Sabbat is well aware.

Packs have often tried to prove themselves, pushing in on what they thought were sore spots, weak points, chinks in the armor of the Camarilla — but the best they've gotten yet is a small foothold in the South Dallas suburb of Oak Cliff and a slight grasp on the less shifter-controlled, more urban areas of Fort Worth, its downtown districts and business areas. Not much of a territory to call their own, but a definite chance to live out the life and put a stick in the eye of the ones who are in power to make sure they don't forget the monster at the back door.

Prying eyes are always around. They watch for you, they want you to slip up just once, and they want to turn your pack into the next set of heads mounted on the wall — but its the life they promised you when you crawled up, that's for sure. Its a kick in the pants never knowing whose next to suffer or what's next to die. DFW is a place to cut the wheat from the chaff, to separate the men from the boys. Those few Sabbat who do survive and make their own footholds have found themselves in positions of power and those who fail, well, nobody mourns the weak.


While we have an open policy on allowing anyone to make any suggestion of a concept they wish to play, there are some things that are more taboo than others. Listed here are those things that will almost immediately be denied, for one reason or another. You are still welcome to offer up your idea, but you should make sure you have a very -detailed- reasoning behind it and a very good explaination of what makes it different and why it should even be considered. This is fore-warning.

"The True Black Hand," "Kindred of the East," Gaki Clan, Salubri-Antitribu, Custom (player made, splatbook) Disciplines, Kindred with Faith, Abominations, "dead" clans (including Cappadocian, True Brujah, etc)


It is almost common knowledge that the Clan Tremere has an iron-clad foot buried deep in Dallas soil. Somewhere within the city, and there are a million rumors as to where, is the North American stronghold of the Clan Tremere. Multiple chantries exist throughout the city, the Tremere are always about in number even if most never leave said chantries, and dark whispers tell that the Lady Meerlinda, one of the very Vampires who penned the Traditions onto parchment, is often within the boundaries of the City.

The rank and file Tremere have no idea if Meerlinda has ever even stepped foot within the city. They do not know where she is or what she's doing. If anyone might know it is the Regent, but if he does he's certainly not going to tell — or can't. This is a roleplay device. Do not expect to see Meerlinda ever walking around IC, do not expect to see her as a character object. If she wants something done, she follows the Tremere pyramid's chain of command… or it follows her.

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