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For quick reference purposes, let us explain the goals and theme of the MUSH by giving the following information:


Our goal is to provide an enjoyable game for everyone to play, obviously. We intend this game to have a "Classic MUSH" feel where politics and roleplay matter more than who has the most stats. We have put into place various systems to help ensure this - open chargen and complete freedom to run plots and NPCs as you see fit, so long as you do not OOCly make other players unhappy. Our goal is also to offer a place where you might finally play that concept you've always wanted to try out, or run that story that has been on your mind as something you'd like to run between friends. Ask, we'll listen. Our goal is also to try and add things that other MUSHes have often disallowed — within the scope of reason — while keeping things out of the game that simply do not belong.


Keeper of the Trinity is set in the cities of Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington, Texas, also known as "DFW". Information about all of these cities is easily accessible here in the news files or by looking online. These cities cover approximately 30 square miles each, not counting their suburbs (Irving, Mesquite, Farmers Branch, Burleson, Whitesettlement, North Richland Hills, etc). Make no mistake, there is a -lot- of room in this urban blight and a lot of room outside it too. On the other hand, within the conurbation can be small towns for a more claustrophobic feel if wanted.


Pretty much everything is supported. There are a few things we don't want, including non"canon" material from internet pages, splatbooks, or outright made-up concepts, but we absolutely welcome your ideas and thoughts. Plots are not regulated by staff, so it is a completely open world out there. News theme gives a rough overview of the main idea behind the game for you to draw from, and BBs currently give more.


Wizards are the top rung; Wizards do not have a "specific job" unless they choose to take it — they can put their hands into anything they wish to, freeform and free-wheeling, and are the final judgment calls in all matters. Admin are the sphere heads, the people who handle the players, run plots players don't run, approve characters, and judge scenes on request. Admin are not 'peons to wizards,' they are the leaders of their spheres and make the decisions therein unless something absolutely major comes up. Staff are the quick answers, the opinions, the helpers, and the neutral judges — seek them first, that's what they're here for, but be respectful as sometimes they are actually players roleplaying characters, just like you.

Any questions? Please feel free to read through the rest of the news files and contact a member of staff or ask on channel Query.

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