The command '+npcs' lists currently available NPCs and '+npc #' gives more details, but any player can create and use NPCs within reason as outlined in these files.

Stats of 6 and up are restricted to NPCs. So are high-powered concepts and other things that fit the game-world but may not be approved as PCs.

Player may create and use NPCs in their plots as they see fit, so long as they pay attention to the needs and wishes of other players. We are not saying you can't have high-powered characters that would be 'feature-level' PCs on other MUs. You can, and you may even keep them for your exclusive play if you so desire. But they will be labeled NPCs and you will be expected to play them in such a fashion that they contribute to PCs stories, and do not take over or overshadow those stories.

We do, however, encourage you not to keep your NPCs to yourself, but share them with the rest of the class and allow others to play them. See +help npcs for relevant commands.

Staff have the same rights over NPCs as players, no more, no less.

To get an NPC into play, please +request it, (help +request) listing relevant details, or write it up to the appropriate bb, bb 22: Your NPCs Here. This way, staff and players can easily pick it up.

Necessary details are:

  • Major Stats where applicable.
  • A short bio of the NPC, and an explaination of its current function in plots if there is one.
  • The IC locations where this NPC might be found.

If you wish to maintain control over this NPC and it is not grossly powered then mention this in your bbpost. If it is grossly powered, then everyone should be able to have a go with it, and staff may rule that the NPC cannot be left the exclusive domain of one player. If such a ruling is made, we'll allow you to decide if you want the NPC removed from the game or if you want to share.

If you plan to allow other players to run your NPCs, then +request the NPCs instead of or in addition to posting them to the BB.

To use an NPC, type +jobs
This should list all available NPCs.

To view an NPC, type +job # where # represents the number of the desired NPC's +job.

To play an NPC, page the player it is assigned to to make sure the NPC is not currently in a scene. If it is free, type +job/assign #=Name, where name is your name, or the name of the player you wish to have run the NPC. For example:

+job/assign 55=Cyrus assigns NPC Diane Wethe to Cyrus.

One basic example +request:

+request John=John the Nosferatu is 120 years old and mainly hangs around in the sewers underneath the park by White Rock Lake. He lurks there to spy on Gangrel and will be driven out if seen there. He has Obfuscate 3, Animalism 2, Potence 2, Athletics 1, Brawl 3, Melee 3 and Stealth 4

Once in play, other players could then use him for scenes. When details come out in play use +job/add ##=<text>. For example:

+job/add ##=John is Rom and came over here from the Ukraine in 1905 to escape persecution. His sire is Kurt (NPC), who might be Sabbat. John just lost two fingers on <date> when Julian bit them off in a fight.

From there, John the Nosferatu can grow. Any changes to an accepted NPC deemed by enough players to be too whacked out to survive will be edited from comments.

Please do not forget to add IC events to those +jobs as necessary. If your PC punches John the NPC in the groin one scene, use +job/add to note it, because John the NPC is going to remember (and probably resent) it, and you will want everyone who plays him to be aware of that.

By the way: addcom pl=Plot and use this chanel to design TPs among yourselves and to discuss the creation and use of NPCs. Staff permission is not needed to run plots, only the willing cooperation of players subjected to these plots. If your plot is too intrustive or unattractive, then you may find no players will go along with it. You can't make them.

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