In the player-led model of RP, +info is a powerful tool for finding and inspiring RP. It can be used a number of ways, none of which are mutually exclusive:

  • To give an overview of your character to inspire interest.
  • To list NPCs your char is connected to and how, such as Major Contacts, Allies and Enemies - said NPCs may be further expanded upon in BB 22: Your NPCs Here and/or +requested to add to the pool of player-usable NPCs in +jobs.
  • To mention PC groups your char is connected to.
  • To mention plots this char may be suited to - such plots may be further outlined on BB 21: New Plots or IC Events.
  • To lay out your goals for this character.

When creating your char, consider consulting players around you, or in channels Public or Plot, to build shared background events which can be used to build bridges for future RP.

Remember, your trench-coated stranger drinking alone in a bar may be very cool and mysterious, but he's going to have little to do if your fellow players do not know which kind of plots he will be suited for.

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