Trinity is built around DFW, the three cities of Dallas, Arlington and Fort Worth. See 'news directory navigation' to learn how to navigate them. These cities are broken up into neighborhoods, which can cover an entire town and be many square miles in size. The neighborhoods contain rooms, which can cover entire areas or just a single building. Most rooms will have Places which can be an entire room or even a whole business.

These newsfiles are accordingly broken up by city and neighborhood. See 'news directory <city>' to view all the neighborhoods in that city. 'news directory <city> #' will list all the buildings in a neighborhood and their contents, where relevant.

For example, to view a list of neighborhoods present in Dallas, see 'news directory Dallas'.

To view all available rooms in 14: Oak Cliff - Dallas see 'news directory Dallas 14'

For directions on how to get around, see 'news directory navigation'.


The IC grid is split into three main cities - Dallas (D), Arlington (A) and Fort Worth (F or FW). To get to Arlington, from Dallas, Fort Worth or Player Nexus, go in direction 'A' as you would go 'N' for North or 'O' for Out. This will take you through the entrance that leads toward Arlington. Repeat until you reach Arlington. To get to Dallas, from Arlington, Fort Worth or Player Nexus, go in direction 'D'. Fort Worth is in direction 'F, or 'FW'

Each grid is further split into a number of squares. So, D1 is square 1 in Dallas grid, A3 is square three in Arlington grid, and so on. These grids are all square. To see which number corresponds to which area, see 'news directory <city name>'.

To get to D14 from D3, go in direction '14' until you reach 14. You will move in the direction of the quickest route to D14, passing through other rooms on the way.

So, if you are in A8: South Cooper - Arlington and you want to get to D14: Oak Cliff - Dallas, go in direction 'D' until you reach Dallas, then go in direction '14' until you are in D14: Oak Cliff - Dallas.

'O' or 'Out' from anywhere on the grid will lead toward OOC areas in the same way.

Directions are not case sensitive.


Dallas, as a grid, is a 4x4 square of rooms, each room representing a whole neighborhood or even entire towns. The rooms are as follows:

1: Snider Plaza - Dallas
Large neighborhood set back in the 1950s, with shopping.

2: University Park - Dallas
Tree-filled university campus set in a sea of housing.

3: Lower Greenville - Dallas
Overcrowded neighborhood full of alternative stores.
[Trinity Street]

4: White Rock Lake North - Dallas
Several square miles of lonely park and lakeside.

5: Oak Lawn - Dallas
Wealthy, professional area and gay village.

6: Uptown and Highland Park - Dallas
Luxury housing, parks and local celebrations.

7: Central Tracks - Dallas
Old urban decay battles new buildings.

8: White Rock Lake South - Dallas
Lakeside recreation.

9: West End - Dallas
Tourist area with cobbled streets and market.
[West End Market Place]

10: Downtown City Center - Dallas
Monolithic sky scrapers and dark alleys.

11: Deep Ellum - Dallas
The home of counter-culture. Galleries and clubs.
[Bazaar of All Nations]

12: Tenison Park - Dallas
Good old boys play golf, shoot and fish.
Places set

13: DeSoto - Dallas
Strange, colorful town at the edge of the city.

14: Oak Cliff - Dallas
Dangerous, violent neighborhood with freak crimes.
[Taylor Place]

15: Wilmer Hutchins - Dallas
Two corrupt, decaying towns either side of the I45.

16: Mesquite - Dallas
The Wild West lives! Rodeo and pick up trucks.

See 'news directory Dallas #' for further information on a particular area.


Arlington, as a grid, is a 3x3 square of rooms, each room representing an whole neighborhood or even entire towns. The rooms are as follows:

1: Eastchase - Arlington
Lower class liquor stores and apartments.

2: Green Oaks - Arlington
Upper-middle class sleepy areas with parks and houses.

3: North Arlington - Arlington
Tourist hot spot with stadium and giant mall.

4: Pentego - Arlington
A tired, worn out area with many open spaces.

5: University of Texas - Arlington
College campus bisected by a freeway, all built on a giant scale.
[Zoo Cafe] [Abram Row]

6: Great Southwest - Arlington
Gray, featureless and unfriendly area of businesses and run down housing.

7: Darlworthington Gardens - Arlington
Modern Leave it to Beaver set of family homes and small amusements.

8: South Cooper - Arlington
Where people strong in money and weak in sense drive their Mercedes.

9: Cedar Hill Park - Arlington
Large natural area with forest, lake, camping and nice housing and a state park.

See 'news directory Arlington #' for further information on a particular area.

Fort Worth

Fort Worth, as a grid, is current a 4x3 rectangle of rooms, each room representing a whole neighborhood or even entire towns. The rooms are as follows:

1: Lakeside - Fort Worth
Lakeside beaches and recreation.

2: Saginaw - Fort Worth
Flat, wide landscape dotted with grain silos, railroads and parks.

3: North Richland Hills - Fort Worth
Suburb populated mainly by women and good works.

4: Colleyville - Fort Worth
Poor housing and tacky strip malls.

5: Lake Worth - Fort Worth
Several square miles of wilderness and lakeside.

6: The Stockyards - Fort Worth
Preserved Wild West surrounded by rail and slaughterhouses.
[JJ Blues Bar]

7: Richland Hills - Fort Worth
A self-contained, orderly city of wires and clipped lawns.

8: Trifecta - Fort Worth
Rival biker gangs haunt ordinary suburbs.

9: White Settlement - Fort Worth
Noisy naval air station in a sea of broken-down trailers.

10: Downtown City Center - Fort Worth
Monolithic glass sky scrapers and performance venues.
[Sundance Square]

11: Texas Wesleyan University - Fort Worth
Open, tree-filled spaces and protesting students.

12: Stop Six - Fort Worth
Old crime watches new venturers move in.

See 'news directory Fort Worth #' for further information on a particular area.

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