A complaint can be made by anyone at any time they want. If you feel you have been in some way wronged by a player or a member of the staff, then you may voice your opinion to staff. We ask that you try following these rules:

  1. Log your sessions, especially those where the conflict arises. Without proof of any offense it is a 'he said she said' situation and we are unable to simply place faith in either side if there is a disagreement on what took place! This is very important. You, of course, can make complaints even without logs, but conclusions are always easier to reach when they are provided.
  2. If the complaint is about another player, the complaint should be sent to your sphere staffer and the wizards. If the complaint is about a staffer, then the complaint should be sent to the Wizards. If the complaint is about a Wizard, the complaint should be sent to your sphere staff and the other wizards (not including the one you are complaining about).
  3. Expect, when you make a complaint, for the target in question to find out. Expect, when you make a complaint, for the target to find out who made the complaint. Expect, when you make a complaint, for the target to see the logs provided to verify the authenticity. This game is set in the United States; this game is housed on a server in the United States; and in the United States you have the right to face your accuser. A "shield" will not be put in place for you, but you will be defended. Do not think, however, that retaliation will be allowed - if the person complained about retaliates, harsh action will be taken.
  4. You may send your complaint to anyone that you wish! Your friends, all of staff, everyone in your sphere, etc; however, do not post it to public boards, this would be considered a violation of 'news rules making-a-scene'. @Mail or email are the only acceptable ways to deliver a complaint, as pages can be easily ignored, forgotten, or spammed away and posts are far too public and cause game-wide issues. You may, at the time of the complaint's answer, if a meeting is required, have anyone you wish to attend in the room with you, as well. If the staffer answering the complaint feels it necessary, a meeting of any size may be called while answering the complaint (in the case where the complaint may affect an entire sphere or large group of people).
  5. Please attempt to maintain composure while dealing with your complaint. It is understood that, if things were calm and casual, you probably wouldn't be making a complaint in the first place; however, it is best that you try to remain calm and rational while explaining your issues to staff. If necessary, feel free to assign a moderator (preferably a witness) to talk for you. This can help everyone to relax and be cool about it.

These rules are meant to assist everyone in smooth and logical resolution to complaints. There will be no favoritism at all, period. Anyone who has been treated wrongly will be given an apology, at the very least, and, if merited, further action may be taken - against any member staff or any player - as determined by the nature of the complaint and the severity. Punishments if one is merited, may be as light as an apology, as mentioned previously, or may be as stiff as banning from the game.

There are no "strikes" here - we expect our players to be adults and they should act like it. We treat this game like a tabletop; treat us as if you're in our living room, not as if you're some anonymous face on the internet, and we will treat you with the same respect.

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