We are sorry to inform those who may be curious that all code here on our game, be it original or modifications, is not available for transfer or use on other game systems. We have all spent our time to make this game great and to present to the public a unique system that is entertaining and fun — we wish it to remain unique. We thank you for understanding and ask that you not approach staff with requests to use our code on other games.

We are happy to have you bring over your code to our game, however, we also reserve the right to remove any code that is harmful to our CPU speed or database useage, malicious toward other players, or that gives you powers or abilities beyond those that your character should have in the game. If you are curious about whether code you wish to use here is okay, please feel free to ask a member of the staff if they can review it.

It should be noted: All code brought here can be globalized or removed completely at the discretion of staff. As those who founded this game are coders, we appreciate the work of others and will not abuse it — you will be credited even if that credit does not necessarily display to the public.

See also 'news rules code'.

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