This file was designed to give some basic information for those new to our MUSH. Several things may seem, and be, different here than on other World of Darkness style games. We encourage you to read through this data and through the 'news quick-ref' as well as the other news files provided before going forward!

You may set this flag on yourself to remove our 'fancy' borders and the like from a number of commands, including the default 'look' of a room. We're rather fond of our design, but we know that some players prefer a more 'old style'. Please refer to 'help classic' for more information.
You may have noticed some very basic formats for our exit names, command syntax, and our approach in general. Think simple, keep things light and fun; that's what we're looking to do here. Staff is approachable, if they're busy they'll tell you. Don't be shy about saying hello or asking questions.
Quick Comands
The quick-commands that most people tend to use are '+3who', '+who', and '+staff'. You can find more information on these commands in '+help <command>'.

See also 'news quick-ref'

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