There is a Basic Mortal chargen (+help chargen) in place. It allows you to make a from-the-book limited stat mortal. If you do not want to play Mortal, ask a staffer to set your Race before proceeding. For mortals and supers, go through chargen and set your backgrounds with:

&bg-01 me=Blah, &bg-02 me=Blah and so on.

Setting +info (+help +info) is mandatory. It is better to have something with actual plot hooks than "Joe is new in town and not much is known,", because the other players will be helping you tell the stories you want to play. There is no OOC Masq here. You can trust other players to know what parts of your +info their characters would know, and to ignore the rest, or to consult with you out of character about using your details to enhance the game.

Merits and Flaws can be added through normal chargen. However, they should be +noted on yourself (see +help notes) with full text and page reference - and set either Staff or Public - it may aid other players considerably to be able to see what an unfamiliar Merit or Flaw does, and, if it's +noted and set Public, they can read them without having to ask.

Please set up any +finger information (+help finger-setup)

Remember the basic stuff, like a description (at least one hundred words) and a @sex.

When you're finished, use the +apply command (+help +apply). You should be rubber-stamped and released to the grid within a day.

For higher stats or a non-basic mortal, you can go through chargen as far as the code will allow. We'd appreciate this help and it will save time, but if you don't use the chargen at all, that's okay. +request your Race be set or ask Reed or on Public, as soon as you have decided what Race you are playing, so you can be subscribed to the correct sphere bbs for you.

When ready, request anything you didn't add with the chargen by entering:

&want-stats me=Str 4, App 0, Merit: Gaping Maw (3 pts), Athletics 4, Linguistics 1 (French)… and so on.

Then do the +apply command.

There is no limit on stats below 5. Stats of 6 and up are for NPCs. Players get to use NPCs in their plots anyhow. You are trusted to be adult and to pick the stats that fit your char's background, age and experience. No staffer should ever be questioning or making you justify the stats you choose. Your character background is for your own reference or to show to other players for plot ideas.

If you have an attached NPC, please +request it, listing salient details, and/or write it up to bb 22: Your NPCs Here. This way, staff and players can easily pick it up. If you wish to maintain control over this NPC (say, a contact, ally or retainer) and it is not grossly powered then mention this in your bbpost. If it is grossly powered, then everyone should be able to have a go with it. If you wish players to be able to run your NPCs, then +request (+help +request) them.

A reminder then: &bg, &info, merits/flaws, +notes, &finger, @desc, @sex, +request race, &want-stats, +apply, npcs. Happy chargenning.

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