The Technocracy

The Technocracy is present and active in the DFW area. Contact Wintermute/Gabriel/Anton if you wish to involve them in a plot, or when something might have come to their attention. Also, questions or comments can be placed in the 'discussion' for this page.


The Technocratic Union are among the many enemies faced by Tradition mages. They are well organized, well funded, have their fingers in many government and commercial enterprises and capable of remarkably subtle actions to achieve their goals. Add to this the fact that the dominant global paradigm seems to be under their thumb and you have a fearsome foe indeed.


There are five Conventions that comprise the Union. Each of them has its focus and ideas of how the world works.

The Progenitors

Genetics and medical science on the surface. Mutants and abominations deeper in the labs.

Iteration X

Computers, cybernetics, engines of destruction are the bread and butter of these people.

The Syndicate

Money makes the world go round, and these folks live and breathe it.

The New World Order

Bureaucracy is the backbone of any large enterprise and the NWO are its masters.

The Void Engineers

Space… the final frontier… but think more like 'Alien' than 'Star Trek'.


This is not about the history of the Technocracy but their activities in-game.


  • The official position of the Union is that there is no such thing as a 'Chupacabra'…
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