Adding People

Adding a person to the wiki is a two-part process.

Part I:

Edit People. Add your character to the appropriate section. They are arranged alphabetically by first name. Let's say you play the vampire Francisco DuBois, and your login/screen name on the game is Frank. You would put in the following under the Vampire heading:

[[[PC:Frank|Francisco (Frank) DuBois]]], Setite

If Frank were an NPC, you would use NPC:Frank instead of PC:Frank, and if he were staff, you would use Staff:Frank and put your position instead of the clan. Otherwise it's the same.

Preview it to make sure it comes out looking how you expect, then save.

Part II:

Click your character's name on the People page. In our example, that will take you to a page which tells you that pc:frank does not exist, and asks if you want to create it. Do so.

The page that comes up will have sections separated by short lines of equal signs. Leave the equals signs, and replace the text between them with what it asks for. In the case of our example:

Francis (Frank) Dubois


7th Generation Setite Vampire


Frank blah blah blah various info

Preview and save.

The finished page will show up. Go down to the bottom and click the "tags" button. Put in the tags that fit — in our example, probably: pc people vampire setite
Save them.

Then click "+options". One of the options this reveals will be "parent". Click that, and enter your race name (for a pc) — so vampire, in our example — npc for an npc, or staff for a staff member. Save.

If you have any pictures, click "file" at the bottom and upload them. They will be automagically displayed on the page when you reload.

Congratulations. You're done!

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