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This Wiki is the repository for all things TrinityMUSH.

You probably can't break it. That said, there's a fair chance I may move things around and break links at some point, since I'm a pain about how things are organized. If you find a broken link, just fix it. Hurrah wiki.

Suggestions on design and etc. are welcome in the forum — I suggest the "discuss" for this page as far as where to put 'em. You'll find it down near the bottom of this page, between "tags" and "history".

Have at.

— Parker


People, information about PCs and NPCs.
Plots, major stories and information about them.
Places, locales and gathering spots.
Props, important objects and items of note.
Psystems, help on commonly used RP support code.
Psheres, common knowledge for various groups.

Policy, an easier to read version of the online news files.
Rules Reference, locations of commonly needed rules.

Wiki Guidlines, suggestions and guidelines for making things better.
Site Map, a top-down view of the entire site.

Getting Started

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